FAQ about upcoming events

Given the circumstances, naturally, a lot of questions about our upcoming events arise and here we respond to some of the more frequent ones. If you are sitting on a question that you can’t find the answer for, feel free to reach out through our contact page.

What is Ängsbacka’s general approach in this situation?

We envision and intend that Ängsbacka will keep offering activities that are in line with current restrictions and recommendations. We will stay open for as long as we possibly can, hopefully without a need to close at all, until the restrictions are lifted and we can transition into offering Ängsbacka’s program at full potential once again. If circumstances need us to act differently we will of course have to adjust to that.

What supports the physical health and safety of the people at Ängsbacka this summer?

We welcome people who are healthy – without symptoms of flu – to Conscious Camping. If you are not well we expect you to cancel your participation before arrival. If you get symptoms while on site please refrain from interactions with others and contact our site/safety team straight away.

There is a lot of outdoor space available at Ängsbacka and even indoor facilities are designed to normally hold hundreds of people. This means that you can influence yourself how much you want to interact with, or be around people, or rather have space for yourself. Everyone should be able to practice social distancing during their stay and so we have made the necessary arrangements based on official recommendations for activities offered as well as in all situations where crowding may occur (food lines, café etc).

We expect everyone to take responsibility for their own actions, to follow instructions on site and fully respect and support the choices of others. We practice the principle of consent in our interactions.
Even if we take precautions and strive to support a healthy space we can of course not give any guarantees in the current situation. So if you belong to a risk group or are in close contact with risk groups, please consider your decision to come here carefully.

Welcome to contact us if you have questions.

What will happen with the festivals in August?

The restrictions for ticketed events will stay at max 50 for the rest of the festival season (until end August). Therefore, we cannot host the festivals with the total number of participants we have had for the past years. However, since a while back already, we have permission for our camping to remain open during the summer! The camping can take a maximum of 400 ppl on-site at any given moment. This means that people can still book and stay on the camping and attend activities with max 50 participants arranged in alignment with the current restrictions and recommendations. 

How come Ängsbacka has launched a crowdfunding campaign

The outbreak of Covid19 has affected all of us in different ways; individually, nationally and globally. Ängsbacka is no exception; the restrictions and the consequences on society strongly affect our core business – courses and festivals. Whether you view this situation primarily as a health issue, or rather a practical, political or even spiritual challenge, the truth is that our current offerings depend on people travelling from near and far to gather in big and even larger groups. This has meant that we have had events cancelled during the spring and the fundraising will support us immensely in bridging this challenging period.

So Ängsbacka is struggling financially, what has already been done to cut the costs?

Since a while back we only buy what we absolutely need. We have been forced to cut our salary budget, our biggest cost, with the consequence that the majority of our staff circle has been given notice of having their contracts cancelled. In parallel we are looking into alternative ways to generate income for Ängsbacka by using resources we already have access to. The theme that is forming and showing itself in all our actions now is an increase in awareness of the importance to implement sustainable solutions. We hope to move even beyond sustainability and build resilience and a thriving Ängsbacka harmonising with nature and the global community that we are a part of.

How much money needs to be raised to save Ängsbacka now, is it even possible?

Anything is possible! Ängsbacka is a huge ‘ship’ to keep afloat and we depend entirely on successful festivals in the summer to finance the rest of the year. Because cancelled events in the spring our income has been heavily reduced and we now need 1 500 000 SEK to cover our costs for the next few months.

Can I contribute to the crowdfunding campaign by becoming a member of the association?

No, unfortunately not since Ängsbacka is a limited company owned by a member’s organisation and the association and the limited company manage and report their finances separately.

If you anyway want to support by becoming a member you contact member@angsbacka.se and make your initial donation of a minimum of 1000 SEK according to the instructions from Cristina (our association administrator). To show your full support for Ängsbacka we would suggest that you make your donation and become a member as well.