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Join the Ängsbacka Ambassador Program for Summer 2024


Become an integral part of the Ängsbacka community and help us spread the magic! We’re looking for passionate ambassadors in Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö, Berlin, Copenhagen, Oslo, Amsterdam, Bali, India, and Thailand. If you’re enthusiastic about bringing people together and have a knack for promotion, we invite you to join our Ambassador Program for our exhilarating summer events of 2024.

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We are looking for ambassadors for our Summer Events 2024

Are you passionate about community, personal growth, and transformative experiences? Do you reside in Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö, Berlin, Copenhagen, Oslo, Amsterdam, Bali, India, or Thailand? If your heart beats for creating connections and spreading positivity, the Ängsbacka Ambassador Program awaits you!

As we gear up for an exhilarating summer filled with joy, learning, and connection, we’re on the lookout for enthusiastic individuals to represent Ängsbacka in their local cities. This is more than just a role; it’s an opportunity to be part of a movement that fosters open-hearted living and collective awakening.

By becoming an Ängsbacka Ambassador, you’ll not only get to share the essence of Ängsbacka with your community but also receive a free ticket to our summer festival, where you can immerse yourself in an environment of love, laughter, and growth.

Your Mission

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves harnessing your creativity and passion to spread the word about Ängsbacka’s summer events. Armed with a suite of promotional materials and the freedom to engage in inventive activities, you’ll help light up your city with the spirit of Ängsbacka. From flash mobs to ecstatic dances, the possibilities for connection are endless.

What’s in It for You?

As an Ängsbacka Ambassador you are not only receiving a complimentary festival ticket, giving you access to one of our transformative summer events. It’s a fantastic opportunity to experience the vibrant Ängsbacka spirit, connect with like-minded individuals, and immerse yourself in a community dedicated to personal growth, joy, and connection supported by Ängsbacka’s Marketing team in Sweden.

You will be the first to get your hands on some unique merchandise to help you present our summer events in your home country.

Passionate Advocates

You’ve experienced the transformative impact of Ängsbacka firsthand and are passionate about sharing this opportunity with others. Your enthusiasm for our vision and values drives you to spread the word and invite more people to experience Ängsbacka’s unique offerings.

Skilled Communicators

With excellent communication and organizational skills, you know how to articulate ideas clearly and inspire others. You’re comfortable engaging with people both online and in person, and you’re adept at managing the details that make events and promotions successful.

Creative Promoters

You have a creative mind and an enthusiasm for thinking outside the box. Whether it’s through organizing engaging events, leveraging social media in innovative ways, or finding new platforms to share our message, you’re always looking for fresh and exciting methods to promote Ängsbacka.

Community Connectors

At the heart of your ambition is a desire to grow the Ängsbacka community in your city. You’re not just looking to inform but to connect, creating spaces where people can come together to share, learn, and grow in the spirit of Ängsbacka.

Ambassador Profile

At Ängsbacka, we believe in the transformative power of community, connection, and personal growth. As we look forward to our Summer Events 2024, we are on the hunt for dedicated ambassadors who embody the essence of Ängsbacka and are eager to share it with the world.

If you’ve experienced the magic of Ängsbacka and feel a deep connection to our vision and values, we invite you to join us as an Ambassador.

Promotion kit

We are still designing the promo-kit and are curious to also hear from our Ambassadors-to-be what would aid them in being our voice. As an example we are looking into printed material as listed below:

A2 poster – A3 poster – A4 posters (Ängsbacka Phenomena’s) – A5 flyers – Postcards (Ängsbacka Guidelines) – Stickers – Bike hangers – Beach-flags – Ängsbacka T-shirt

All material will be send by post. We might ask you to return certain elements of the promotion package when traveling to Ängsbacka (or via post).