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Conscious Camping

What do YOU long for this summer? We have been searching for ways to share the magic of Ängsbacka while honoring Sweden’s current restrictions of 50+ people gatherings. Now we have a Yes from the local authorities to invite you to our site this summer. This is Ängsbacka Conscious Camping!

Conscious Camping – a meaningful option for how individuals, partners, close friends and families can spend one or a couple of weeks away from home during the summer vacations this year, when so many other options have fallen away. You will benefit from the qualities of openness, acceptance, togetherness and co-creation that have fueled the Ängsbacka magic the past 20+ years. You who came here before will recognize the Ängsbacka you love – and why not bring along a new friend?

Ängsbacka Conscious Camping week runs from Sunday-Saturday with a tent/caravan pitch and 3 meals per day. A limited number of indoor furnished rooms are also available for those who are not yet ready for the full on camping experience! Conscious Camping is an open space where you have the freedom to design your stay here based on your interests, we offer a variety of activities to choose from on a daily basis. Come explore what you long for in your life right now, day by day, moment by moment.

A rich experience full of inner and outer explorations

A big part of experiencing the Ängsbacka Magic comes from the connection with others, we believe that our core-practices play a big part in this. During your Conscious Camping week(s) this should not be any different, therefore we will offer:

    • Your own sharing circle – an opportunity for deep connection with a small group of people
    • Ängsbacka Café and the legendary steps facing green fields, people enjoying life and magical sunsets
    • Activities – a variety of daily workshops and practices such as meditation, dance, yoga, workouts, tea ceremonies, painting, singing circles and more. Max 50 persons per activity applies
    • Possibilities to spontaneously volunteer in one of the current projects on site for a few hours

Co-creation is a central aspect of Ängsbacka, therefore we will offer anyone that wants to the possibility to host an activity – together we create a unique shared space! The vast majority of the activities are free of charge and require little or no previous experience.

Week 23

May 31st – June 6th, 2020

Week 24

June 7th – 13th, 2020

Week 25

June 14th – 21st, 2020

Week 26

June 21st – 27th, 2020

Week 27

June 28th – July 4th, 2020

Week 28

July 5th – 11th, 2020

Week 29

July 12th – 18th, 2020

Week 30

July 19th – 25th, 2020

Practices for resilience and sustainable growth

Ängsbacka promotes holistic sustainability and this summer we put some extra emphasis on the following projects for resilience:


    • Food saving – a collaboration with local supermarkets to limit waste
    • Expansion of the vegetable- and herb gardens
    • Wild plant foraging and development of a forest garden

What does the Conscious Camping cost

Low season

(Week 23-24)

Adult: 2900 kr
Youth: 1500 kr
Children: 1000 kr

Regular Season

(Week 25-30)

Adult: 3400 kr
Youth: 1500 kr
Children: 1000 kr

Additional week(s)

When you come for more then 1 week you will receive 20% discount on adult tickets for the 2nd week and further.

Please book all weeks individual through our website and use the code MORECAMPING during the booking process. Contact the booking office if you need support to finalize the booking or payment.

The prices mentioned above are for a camping spot and include all meals. We have a select amount of furnished indoor rooms available, upgrading to any of these rooms will influence the price of your stay at Ängsbacka.

If you are a family/group of friends consisting of more than 3 adults that wish to share a room you need to make two bookings and contact our booking office to clarify that you want to be placed in the same room. Additional cost per person in friends/family room is 300 kr per night. No dorms are available.

Policies, guidelines and safety at Ängsbacka

Conscious Camping is open for all who book and pay in advance, no day tickets are available. Our site is 100% vegetarian, alcohol and drug free. We have a limit of 50 available spots per activity in order to follow the current restrictions. You are responsible for all your actions and to follow our guidelines (posted on site). You decide how much you wish to participate in activities and interact with the daily life of staff, volunteers and the extended community in Molkom.

Conscious Camping services and rules

    • Check in opens at 15.00 on the arrival day, you will receive proof of full payment to get access to the camping and serving areas. Check-out* before 11 on the last day, lunch is served before departure. If you have an alternative arrival or departure time you still book the full camping package. There is no reduced fee for late arrival or early departure. Please let us know if you intend to stay shorter by contacting booking@angsbacka.se
    • Camping is only allowed in areas marked for this purpose. Pitching a tent in other places such as the neighboring fields or the nearby forest (belongs to the municipality) is strictly prohibited. Our good relations with our neighbors depend on all following this rule.
    • Open fires in the actual campsite and in the forest are strictly prohibited, gas burners are allowed as long as there is not an official fire ban.
    • Recycle all materials including food waste at the designated areas on site.
*Take down your tent or clean your room before this time. You don’t need to formally check out at the reception.

FAQ about Conscious Camping

What made it possible for Ängsbacka to offer Conscious Camping?

In communication with Karlstad municipality and the local Police department we have agreed that the grounds of Ängsbacka can be made available to a limited number of people during the summer. We are not an official camping site offered to the general public, which means that you have to book and pay for your stay with us in advance. When onsite, you will be expected to be able to show proof of your booking and payment upon request (i.e a wristband that you receive upon checking in).

How does Ängsbacka support the physical safety of the people camping at Ängsbacka?

We only welcome people who are healthy – without symptoms of flu – to Conscious Camping. If you are not well we expect you to cancel your participation before arrival or leave the site should you fall sick when already here. There is a lot of outdoor space available at Ängsbacka and even indoor facilities are designed to normally hold hundreds of people. This means that you can influence yourself how much you want to interact with, or be around people, or rather have space for yourself. We encourage you to practice the principle of asking for consent before you approach people you meet, as you cannot know their preference regarding interaction. This is an important, loving and for some challenging practice – ask for support if you feel insecure.

Practically we will prevent crowding in connection to the toilets/showers and food serving areas, here you will be supported to keep the distance by signs that we expect all to follow. For activities that are offered onsite there is a max of 50 participants (or less in smaller spaces) and signing up in advance will be necessary for some of them. Our aim is to hold a lot of the activities outdoors.

What services are available onsite?

In the camping area you will have access to compost toilets and chemical toilets. We have facilities for showers, in- and out-door, depending on the total number of people on site. There is cold running water for taking care of eating utensils after meals and easily accessible recycling stations for a variety of materials. Please be mindful to minimize waste!