The regular weekly activities during Conscious Camping include: Sharing, Morning Practice (Meditation, Mindful workout, etc.), Yoga, Dance, Dance therapy, Singing circle, Women and Men circles, Tea ceremony, Sauna and more. Added to this is the Theme Activities, set by the Spirit Keeper.
Welcome to a week of celebrating ourselves! We will co-create this week as a circle where all our gifts are welcome, also the gift of doing nothing. The invitation is to dive into loving ourselves, and to explore the blissful love affair with Existence. We will support each other to emerge deeper into the ones we’ve always been. As Osho would have put it: ’If you relax, it is there!’

We embrace the joy of just Being, together, as we also keep the physical distance… Many of us have been working with energy in different ways, maybe it’s these times we practiced for? How can it be expressed that our energy is not really bound by matter? How do we connect then? We will explore different ways of being together as the energy beings we are. And to touch each other –  rather in the soul than on the body.

We will SING to summon the spirit of all things and draw heaven into earth by the grace of our bodies while DANCING, explore our TANTRIC nature, and let the FOREST hold us, as we plant the seeds of self-love. We will tickle our inner children with the joy of HEARTDANCE and enjoy beautiful CONCERTS and much more…

Conscious Camping prices

Adult: 3400 kr
Youth: 1500 kr
Children: 1000 kr

Additional week(s)

When you come for more than 1 week you will receive a 20% discount on adult tickets for the 2nd week and further.

Please book all weeks individually through our website and use the code MORECAMPING in the booking process. Contact the booking office if you need support to finalize the booking or payment.