The regular weekly activities during Conscious Camping include: Sharing, Morning Practice (Meditation, Mindful workout, etc.), Yoga, Dance, Dance therapy, Singing circle, Women and Men circles, Tea ceremony, Sauna and more. Added to this is the Theme Activities, set by the Spirit Keeper.

“Let us come together
and meet in the mystery of now.
In the mystery of not knowing
heart to heart
step by step
breath by breath.“

The open possibility – Spirit Keepers: Hari Deva & Gabriela David

During this week Hari Deva and Gabriela David will give extra emphasis on being, on meditation, on non doing. Both inrelation to your self and in meetings with others.

Hari and Gabriella will offers workshops like Sat Chat, Being it, Integrating the polarities, Breath the fountain of life, Vertical living and Surrender

Conscious Camping prices

Adult: 3400 kr
Youth: 1500 kr
Children: 1000 kr

Additional week(s)

When you come for more than 1 week you will receive a 20% discount on adult tickets for the 2nd week and further.

Please book all weeks individually through our website and use the code MORECAMPING in the booking process. Contact the booking office if you need support to finalize the booking or payment.