Jan`s travel diary en route to Ängsbacka (part 2)

Sep 24, 2020 | ESC, Volunteering

The first step on the voyage of getting there was the UK. Next up was Sweden.

It was a fitting prelude to Ängsbacka`s craze of expanding its gardens when I went to visit my friend Damian in the UK. I came at a time when his passion for gardening was in full stride. The whole time I was there from morning to night he went on and on about cultivating his little garden plot.

And boy, did he make good use of me when I was there. By the end of each day we were exhausted from lifting heavy stone slabs he used to make new paths and from preparing the soil for planting by digging it.

I still can`t forget how invested he was in clearing his soil from the weeds, he would meticulously take out every root of weed he found and put them in water to drown them and then in the sun to let them dry out and dieeeeee. 

Me toiling in the harsh British sun. We were turning a patch of grass into a new garden bed by removing weeds and breaking up the soil into small chunks.

We would have gone out to party and talk to girls together if times were different but due to the toilet paper crisis of 2020 we chose to socially distance ourselves to the confines of his house and garden.

~VIDEO The UK, planting seeds with Damian. 14.3.2020

Soon it was time to move on. I didn`t want to risk getting stuck in the UK in case the border closed down so I caught one of the few remaining flights towards Sweden and hoped for the best