Ängsbacka Community weekend Spring

We come together to nourish ourselves and our beloved Ängsbacka.
February 29 – March 3, 2024

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As the wheel of nature’s cycle is turning halfway between winter and spring, you are warmly welcome to our next Ängsbacka Community Weekend for inspirational workshops, music, dancing, sound journeys, connections, and discussions on how we can contribute to Ängsbacka’s magic growing and spreading out into the world.

Share your gifts and your presence – together we make this weekend happen

This is our community time and space, shared by everyone here. Association members and you who are not (yet) members are welcome to a beautiful, co-created, inexpensive weekend to enjoy various workshops, contribute to the space, and simply be at Ängsbacka. Let’s gather together as nature is slowly beginning to awaken with the returning sun and the sap is gently rising in the trees in the forest. Let’s celebrate stirrings of renewed energy, melt off what doesn’t serve us anymore, plant new visions, and nurture our inner light as life is creating new buds.

Working meditation will be a part of the weekend for all of us. You will have a simple task in or around the house. Through working meditation we strengthen our togetherness in presence and we also make it possible to enjoy this weekend at cost price.

We are planning this time to provide organized children’s activities during the opening, closing, and morning circles. We therefore ask for parents themselves to co-create whatever else is needed with some logistical assistance from our kids’ coordinator. When you register for the weekend with children, we will put you in touch with the other parents.

If you would like to contribute to the weekend’s program (whether you have children or not), contact Juste directly at juste.b@gmail.com.

Practical information

Arrival Day

  • You are welcome to check-in at the reception from 16:30-18:30, and enjoy the open cafe or revel in the welcome dance starting from 17:00.
  • Our first meal will be dinner, served from 18:30-19:30.
  • Our first gathering takes place at 20:00 in Upper Barn.

Departure Day

  • Our last meal is lunch, served at 13:00.
  • The weekend ends at 14:00, and room checkout is by 15:00.

Booking information

Association members book online via link below and use the discount code IAMAMEMBER to pay 1150 SEK for all meals and a spot in a twin bed room as long as that type of room is available, else a spot in a 4-6 bed room.

Non-members book (without the code) and pay 2150 SEK for all meals and a bed, (This is a good reason to become a member!  Read about our guidelines and vision, mission, and aim here. Membership begins with a 1000 SEK contribution. Once you are a member, dues are 400 SEK/year to continue).

(A few single room options are available at a higher fee.)

If you wish to stay for one or more days extra in connection with the weekend, please contact booking@angsbacka.se to inquire about availability. Members pay 300 SEK for an extra night, non-members 550 SEK for staying one extra night, including meals, before and/or after.


Please share this opportunity with anyone in your network whom you think would benefit from meeting up at Ängsbacka.

Our hosts for the weekend, Juste, LeAnn, Blake, and Per wish you a warm welcome home to your Ängsbacka!

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Membership strengthens and realizes the vision of Ängsbacka. If you wish to become a member please fill in the registration form linked below.

If you are a member but did not pay your annual fee for this year please send a mail to member@angsbacka.se.