Community weekend & Annual meeting 2022

Come spend a long weekend at Ängsbacka, we dance, sing, meditate and work in celebration of togetherness and co-creation! The weekend is open for all and on the Saturday, one of the activities is the Annual meeting for the Members Association.
May 26 – May 29, 2022

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The magic happens when we meet and see eachother!

Our first Community Weekend in March was a great success! We are creating opportunities to meet and strengthen the feeling of being part of our large community. We invite association members and you who are not (yet) a member to beautiful, co-creative weekends for a low cost.

Please note! The registration for this event is now closed – you are still welcome to join the activities during the weekend if you arrange your own food and accommodation off site.

Welcome to a weekend with a rich and varied content. We will have classic Ängsbacka activities such as sharing, yoga, meditation, dance and workshops. We will have the annual meeting and talks about Ängsbacka’s situation now and opportunities ahead. We will help out to prepare for the summer season, in the garden etc. And of course there will also be cafe hangout, sauna, party and socializing. Kids are extra welcome.

Share your presence and gifts, come and contribute to Ängsbacka – Together we make this weekend happen!

Warmly welcome,
with love from Elise Hauksson, Per Lundin, Hari Deva, Mette Koblick Boström, Magnus Skånberg Ängsbacka Musicians and Members of Ängsbacka Association


Check the Co-created program and plan your weekend HERE


The annual meeting takes place on Saturday May 28 from 09:30-13:30 in Upper Barn.

We ask you to prepare yourself for the meeting by reading the following information:

Petitions can be sent to the board all year round, at this point, however, it is too late to submit one for this year’s annual meeting. Please use this template and contact for more information.

Read the statues of the Ängsbacka association here.

Only paying members have the right to offer their consent (vote) in the meeting. If you are a member but have not yet paid your annual fee for this year, send an email to

Practical information

The last date to sign up for the gathering was 2022-05-24 – the online registrations is therefore disabled.

We want as many as possible to be able to participate in this weekend in a way that serves all of us. Welcome to pick one of the options and sign up via the booking links below.

Option 1 – Full weekend stay at Ängsbacka: The long weekend package includes all meals and a bed on site from Thursday-Sunday and costs 750 SEK for members (1750 for non members). Children and youth pay 300 SEK. If you choose to not be here the whole time you still pay the full package (see info regarding exceptions below).  

Option 2 – Full weekend for extended community members living in Molkom: If you intend to take part in the Community Weekend you still need to register to book your meals – follow instructions below. The cost is 450 SEK for all meals. Children and youth in the extended community participate and eat free of charge.

Option 3 – Lunch on Saturday for extended community members living in Molkom: If you live in Molkom and only wish to pre-book your lunch after the Annual meeting – follow the specific booking link below. The meeting itself is free of charge, the lunch costs 50 SEK for members and is served in the café from 13:30 on Saturday.

Option 4 – Travelling to Ängsbacka just for the Annual meeting?: The meeting does not require registration beforehand. However, members who travel to Molkom just for the meeting can book the night Friday-Saturday by contacting (cost 250 SEK).

Additional option: If you book the full weekend it is also possible to book an extra night from Sunday to Monday. Contact before arrival or please let us know if this is your wish latest during check-in on Thursday afternoon.

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Share a meal after the Annual meeting

How to register

Booking the full weekend includes program, food and a bed on site with at total cost of SEK 750 for members of the association*. Make sure to tick the ‘Member discount’-box when you register.

If you wish stay at home but want to share the meals during the weekend, follow the ‘Book the full weekend’ link and choose own external accommodation.

To register only for Saturday lunch (after the meeting) follow the ‘Book Saturday lunch’ link.

*Non-members pay SEK 1750 (so it is a good idea to become a member now).

Please book your attendance at least one week before the event to support our planning!

Please note! If you will just take part in the activity program and/or the Annual meeting these are offered free of charge. All meals should be booked and paid in advance.


Membership strengthens and realizes the vision of Ängsbacka. If you wish to become a member please fill in the registration form linked below.

If you are a member but did not pay your annual fee for this year please send a mail to