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Body Love

A weekend to let go of what you no longer need through Trauma Healing, Gong and Yoga.
Join Body Love with Lamhita from the 19th March till 22nd March 2020

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A new beginning

What is needed to be a better friend with ourselves and our Bodies?

Invitation this time is to welcome the inner child, repairing attachment-wounds and letting the shame out from ex feelings of being wrong, different, excluded, and the belief that we have to do it all alone. Those echoes from the past needs a lot of safety, tenderness, care and support in order to heal.

When we receive that, our nervous systems can heal much deeper, and we can start to relax both inside and outside ourselves,  and in our relationsships.

To be home in on our body & souls

Lamhita creates a safe and hold space for all of us to heal deeper; with the help of trauma healing, gong and yoga, old patterns and limitations in different areas in our life can start to transform easier.
Trauma healing is a soft way to help our nervous-system to release from old chock, shame and traumas. Then we get more access to our life energy and our true potential so we can start to enjoy & appreciate our body & souls even more. The magic happens when we come in contact with ourselves!

Join us this weekend on a journey towards (more) self-love and acceptance, so you can taste more of the sweet nectar of life. A longer weekend (4 days) to have more time to go deeper so we can let go of what we no longer need: a new beginning!

If you are currently experiencing any type of mental and psycological instability or if you are using any medication – please consult Lamhita before signing up for the retreat.

Early Bird until 2 February
After this date the discount is exclusively for students, unemployed and people on sick-leave. Send scanned documentation to unpluggedlamhita@gmail.com and you will receive a discount code.

PLEASE OBSERVE! A booking fee of 2.500 is not refundable for this event.

More information

  • Course is on English / Swedish depending on the participants
  • Limited number of participants.
    We provide an exclusive held and safe space so more people can be seen in their processes.
    The work is done on an individual level and in the group.

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Practical Information

Course date: 19th Mar till 22nd Mar 2020
Course fee: Prices start at 5090 SEK