Conscious Parenting - for all generations

We come together to honour All of Life, our journey as humans in relation to all that is on Earth! Take part in an event where children, teens, adults and elders can have fun together side by side and grow deep and high, rooted and nurtured in Nature.

June 23 – June 27, 2021

With respect to the current restrictions we are limiting the number of spots on our conscious camping and at this point we are not offering any more tickets for the Conscious parenting-days. 

We are so proud to keep sharing our magic throughout the pandemic, since the year 2020, and for as long as needed, we do so in the form of our ‘Conscious Camping’.

We successfully launched this concept last year, allowing us to create and offer activities designed to meet the requirements of Swedish authorities. Last year we miraculously did not have a single case of covid-19 all summer! For this to work as beautifully also this year, we all take responsibility by staying home if we show any flu symptoms and while at Ängsbacka we uphold the principle of consent at all times. By adhering to our shared agreements, we create as much of a safe space as possible for exploring the richness of the beautiful summer months together.

Read more about our approach here.


We come together to honour all stages of human life and ALL OF LIFE! Take part in an event where children, teens, adults and elders can have fun together and side by side and grow deep and high rooted and nurtured in Nature. Enrich yourselves in the sharing with others and let the family wisdom bloom further in everyday life.

Together we focus on, and create the right circumstances for the future leaders of the planet – the children and teens! We vow and acknowledge the importance of the grounding presence of elders on earth; we gratefully receive the manifesting active and passionate power of the young adults and support and encourage the admirable surrendering, nurturing and loving conscious parents that are guardians of new generations. We together learn about our relationships with all that is and how we can live day by day a more sustainable life.

In this Conscious Parenting we wish to create a space for parents, children, teens, adults, elders, educators, youth, everyone to be honoured in their stage of life. Provide a supportive space to connect deeply and have fun, to give adults practical tools that they can use in their daily lives with the teens and children and to really see them, tools to integrate all the generational transitions such as birth, childhood, teen, adulty, parent, elder, grandparent to become a whole me and you, honouring one self and others. Conscious Parenting is an honouring of all generations – and a way to see the children as our teachers and as a part of our spiritual path.

We live in a world were we are segregated by ages, genders, races, species. For all our Relations we meet at Conscious Parenting to come in contact with the beauty of being Nature in human shape, and together explore ways to live healthy connected to our families, communities, land.


See what teachers are coming this year. You can read their bio’s by clicking their picture


Take a look at the intention of this year’s Conscious Parenting


The schedule of the activities will be presented upon arrival. You can read more about the teachers contributing below

Midsummer Celebration

Half way into Conscious Parenting we welcome summer in the spirit of celebration where flower crowns, maypole, and midnight sun brings about the pure magic of Ängsbacka. From the morning of the 25th of june the fields of Conscious Parenting and Midsummer come together in the shared intention of belonging and togetherness, enriching each others program with more creativity, connection and celebration for the remaining duration of your stay. 


Learn, open, heal and be inspired

Being a parent can be a big challenge as much as it has a great potential for transcendence and grounding. We want to support adults to take better care of themselves, share with other adults about their challenges openly and how we deal with them.

We wish to create a space to connect, reconnect with inner wisdom, to bond, have fun together, heal and hold our inner child to really be present as the adult guides our children’s need, enjoy our family, and be the guardians of their sense of self.

We invite everyone who is inspired to explore new ways of relating between generations. Come and enjoy community life, exciting workshops for children, teens ,adults and elders bonding workshops, rites of passage for all generations, dance, lectures, sharings, nature, horses, home economy and politics, permaculture at home, bioconstruccion, community creation and more. With empowering teachers within these fields we create a space for you to learn, open, heal, love and be inspired by other conscious beings. Ground and connect with our inner wisdom.

In Lak’ ech Ala K’in/ I am you, and you are me

In Lak’ech Ala K’in means I am you and you are me, it is a statement of oneness and essential connection as beings. It was used as a wise greeting by the Mayan people back in their time as their living code of the heart. We intend to experience this at the Conscious Parenting – for all generations, beyond our different stages of life, and what each of it brings into our lives. We meet to see others in their eyes and see the spark of life they and we are, to play, feel and  accept ourselves and others as they are and relax together into being so amazingly humans and from that place of connection with our human nature expand to feel the rest of Nature as one with us.

When we put in practice In Lak’ech Ala K’in, we know that every action we take is out of respect for all life.

Welcome to give this gift of being one with ALL! babies, children, teens, young and mature adults, parents and elders, other animals, Earth. I am you and you are me.

Verónica Larraya

Program Coordinator Conscious Parenting

Practical information

A typical day at an Ängsbacka festival

Our events all have their unique program of workshops and other activities, still there are some fixed points that you can expect at the festival:

  • An early morning program is offered - yoga, breathing, meditation etc. - before..
  • Breakfast - our first meal of the day.
  • A gathering for all with music and togetherness setting the tone of the day is followed by..
  • Morning workshops and other activities until..
  • Lunch - the main meal of the day.
  • Afternoon workshops and activities go on until..
  • Dinner - a lighter, still fully nourishing meal.
  • An evening program follows; workshops, dance, live music or a cozy hang-out in the café.

Once per day everybody meets in their sharing groups; all of us come together for the core practice of Ängsbacka!

Workshops on the program are described and categorized in such a way that you can find out how advanced or challenging exercises you can expect beforehand.

Our event permit allows music to go on until latest 02:00 at night.


The basic festival ticket includes a spot in the camping area and you bring your own tent.

All our indoor accommodations come at hostel standard with shared showers and toilets.You will find outdoor toilets in connection to the camping areas and outdoor showers are available to complement the indoor facilities. We advise you to bring earplugs for better sleep if you are sound sensitive as the festival area can get loud at times (the program will end latest 02.00).


Depending on availability and your budget we offer the following options for indoor accommodation: 

  • dormitory - female or mixed gender (bunk bed)
  • 4-6 bedroom (bunk bed)
  • double room (twin bed)

Indoor accommodation includes a blanket and pillow for each person. You need to bring your own bed sheets or a sleeping bag and a pillowcase. Towels are not included. We offer a possibility to rent sheets and towels at an additional cost.


If you would like to bring your camper or caravan - check availability when booking your ticket. Unfortunately we do not have the capacity to offer electricity for any of these spots. 


Sometimes you need more privacy or tranquility or maybe you want to bring your dog (no dogs allowed on site). Booking an off site accommodation can be a good option and many private house/flat owners offer spaces for rent during the summer. Please request the list of people offering off site accommodation by contacting our booking office at


The festival ticket includes all meals; breakfast lunch and dinner are prepared and served daily. Ängsbacka offers a vegetarian diet prepared with love. We use locally produced and organic products to a large extent. In connection with your booking, you can ask for a vegan diet (same as lactose free) or gluten and nut-free food options. For practical reasons, we cannot meet any other wishes related to allergies or diets during festivals. All meals are presented at the outdoor serving tent area.


Ängsbacka has a policy of zero tolerance for illicit drugs and alcohol. We don’t serve alcohol, and it is not allowed to drink or to be under the influence of alcohol or other substances when you are at Ängsbacka. If you are found under the influence, we will ask you to leave immediately.

Please find our other general policies and guidelines here.


Remember! We always request you to book and pay your event ticket online before arrival. Once here you will be able to use cash, card or Swish (Swedish direct payment service) at our reception. We only accept SEK. At the reception you will be able to purchase or refill gift cards for use in the Café - the Café itself is cash-free! Regarding cash withdrawal, there is a cash point at Coop in Molkom (the nearby village).


The Café is a cosy meeting place for hang-out, new friendships and deep conversation. You can buy yummy home-made cakes, a wide range of coffee, teas, golden milk, smoothies, chilled beverages, chocolate, raw food goodies and more!


At Karma Store you find organic yoga clothes, beautiful jewelry, books, beauty products and ­more.


Simsala Chai is beautifully situated a short walk into the forest next to the festival area. Welcome to treat and nourish yourself with a cup of chai in the presence of nature. Here you also find hand crafted music instruments. Come, take a break from the intensity of the festival and let yourself be held by the spirit of the forest.


Our amazing and newly renovated Sauna is open all evenings of the festival. Come relax and enjoy the heat in the company of new and old friends. It is a requirement to bring a towel to sit on in the sauna.


Information about workshop leaders and festival programs for each day can be found in the Festival Gallery outside the barn. The program can be changed with short notice, so please check it often. Here you also find opening hours for café, shops, reception and more.


As a visitor at Ängsbacka you are solely responsible for your personal belongings at all times. During the actual event Ängsbacka will support you to retrieve any items lost by setting up, and maintaining specific “Lost & Found”-labelled boxes nearby the workshop-spaces. Collected items will be stored for a total of 2 weeks upon completion of the event.

Valuables such as wallets, digital devices, keys and similar are handed in and kept at our booking office for a maximum of 3 months and will be returned upon description. Valuables are the only items that will be sent to you after the event is over and you will be charged for the postage plus an administrative fee of 100 SEK.

Please be aware that Ängsbacka does not take any responsibility for personal belongings - the above is to be considered a service and not a guarantee that you will be able to retrieve lost items whether valuables or others, such as clothing.


A welcome letter with more detailed information about the festival will be sent out to all participants.


Ängsbacka is an international course and festival center with people from all over the world. The main language spoken during the festivals is English.


It’s easy to find your way to Ängsbacka by car, bus or train. Read more about how to find your way here.


During the festival the reception will be open every day, times will vary. You can find our contact details here.