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Dance into Your Lust

Weekend retreat for womxn (Cis & trans). When I move I feel in alignment. When I get to express myself I feel strong. When pleasure is born from within me I feel sexy. When people see me for who I am I feel loved.
October 9 – October 11, 2020

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When I move I feel in alignment. When I get to express myself I feel strong. When pleasure is born from within me I feel sexy. When people see me for who I am I feel loved. 

Together we can reach a deeper acceptance of ourselves and each other right where we are at each moment and. This way we are invited to let go of our old identities and open up for limitless possibilities of who we can be. Acceptance, forgiveness, love, curiosity, expansion.

– Li Storm (Lisa Josefsson)


Emerge for three days at Ängsbacka with lustful dancing, open hearted connections, emotional healing and shameless sexiness.

Grounding, Loving massages, East African love making rituals, domination play, saying yes to yourself and much more.

We come together to peel off the layers of fear build up during the pandemic, to accept ourselves just like we are, remembering our sweet essence and building resources to know how to step into our best selves.

Play and expansion

When I say play and expansion I mean to allowing all your different sides, even the ones you maybe dislike or the ones you didn’t even know you had. When we start with building trust everything is welcome, this can be to say yes, but also to verbalize a no to say yes to yourself. It can be to allow yourself to feel small or step into your hidden dominatrix. We build up the weekend with softness and movement to open up for deeper exploration and find the multiple you <3

For who

For you who are ready for expansion, laughter, tears, juiciness and of course lots of dancing! All ages, ethnicities and nationalities welcome, to more diversity the better! This weekend is a great opportunity for you who have already done Lisas courses or programs in Stockholm but also for new people who are ready to explore.

Why womxn with an x? This spelling is used to emphasize that cis as well as trans women are welcome and also other people who were assigned female at birth but might have a different identity today. It is also used to show that people from different ethnicity and of color are extra welcome to this event.

Practical Information

Arrival day: Friday 9th of October, 2020
Reception is open for check-in: 14:00
First meal: 18:30
The retreat starts at: 16:00

Departure day: Sunday 11th of October, 2020
Last meal: 13:00
The retreat ends at: 16:00
Check-out of rooms latest at: 17:00

Li Storm (Lisa Josefsson)

Read more about Li Storm (Lisa Josefsson)

Li makes people feel. You might forget what you did and what she said, but inside of you there will be a memory of feeling alive and seen. Li is a dancer as well as an embodiment and sexuality coach who has explored, studied, and taught different styles and methods for more than 15 years. Their research focuses on movement as a tool for healing, self-expression and our innate gender fluidity. Lisa lived in Mozambique for three years and has returned annually since 2015. Their time in the capital city of Maputo included extensive training in traditional dance with the performance company Hodi Maputo Afro Swing, as well as research in traditional emotional and sexual healing practices. She has since then founded the movement practices “Life Is Rhythm and “Dance into Your Lust,” which includes aspects of their experience in Africa, as well as dance and movement therapy, tantra, conscious kink and trauma therapy.

Corona and social distancing

After a long summer of distancing, this weekend is for you who is ready for a space where we are allowed to be physical with each other. This means that this weekend is for you who have no symptoms, and at the same time feel comfortable being close to 15-20 people for a weekend.  Any touch or intimate exercise is always voluntary.


This weekend is based on the 6 week program Dance into Your Lust that was founded by Li in 2018.

In this work Li shares her wide experience not only of different methods but also from her own personal life.  She openly shares her joy, vulnerability and sexiness while having a foundation from her research in East African love making rituals, tantra, conscious kink, Dance Therapy, motivational interviewing, trauma healing, voice work, contact improvisation, partner dance and youth sex education.

Christina will contribute with grounding and being in alignment with the emotional, physical and intellectual self while Sony & Faith will share their rich culture from Kenya.

Emotional stability

We will go deep into emotions and pleasure and support each other at all times,  but old triggers and trauma may come up to the surface. We will all support each other when needed during our sessions, however, you should be able self regulate and hold yourself after shorter moments with emotional support.

Early Bird Tickets

First 10 tickets

Course fee + food and accommodation from SEK 2900

Regular Tickets

After the Early Bird period until the event starts

Course fee + food and accommodation from SEK 3400

Accommodation upgrades will influence the price per ticket.

Dance into Your Lust

Weekend retreat for womxn (Cis & trans)