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From Trauma to Tantra

To be present in intimacy and love is not about being naked physically - it is about being vulnerable and authentic. Safety is the key, to get to know and feel safety comes first. When we feel safe, anything is possible!
April 21 – April 25, 2021

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Lamhita & Freja are now offering something unique. With their different backgrounds they combine trauma healing and tantra. Their passion is transformation, healing & pleasure… They love to provide a loving, safe and sacred space for you to heal and transform old shock, shame and trauma – whatever is stopping you from enjoying your body and sexuality.

Most of us have experienced different kinds of trauma, which may have happened on many levels: emotional, physical, spiritual etc.

These experiences are stored in our subconscious, body and nervous system, without us knowing it. But it still controls our lives and the choices we make. Some examples are: Various degrees of abuses: sexually, mentally, physically… other people stepping over our boundaries, finding ourselves in unhealthy situations or attracting people who are not good for us etc. Those overwhelming situations combined with precious traumas, puts our system into freeze, chock, numbness etc This can prevent us from being in contact with ourselves and our bodies and makes it difficult to be present and experience pleasure…

Lamhita and Freja create a sacred, safe and loving space for you to grow and explore in softness and in your own pace. They will guide you through these symptoms by different exercises like gong, yoga, breath-work, touch, play and much more. These tools will soothe the nervous system by relaxation and discharge, so the parasympathetic waves and the oxytocin can start to flow more naturally again. This helps the healing and transformation of old wounds, traumas, and stuck energy, so we become more grounded and relaxed. When we are more relaxed and at ease with ourselves, we can experience a different and deeper sexual energy…

This transformation makes us more available in life and we can experience true intimacy, love and joy.

To be present in intimacy and love is not about being naked physically. It’s about being vulnerable and authentic. Safety is the key. We need to know, how it feels to feel safe first. When we feel safe, anything is possible.

We can surrender to more pleasure, and to something bigger, without stepping over our boundaries or losing connection with our body and heart. A beautiful and deep journey, that connects sexuality, heart and spirit.

Practical Information

Arrival day: Wednesday 21st of April, 2021
Reception is open for check-in: 14:00
First meal: 18:30
The retreat starts at: 16:00

Departure day: Sunday 25th of April, 2021
Last meal: 13:00
The retreat ends at: 16:00
Check-out of rooms latest at: 17:00

Lamhita Jacobson

Read more about Lamhita

Lamhita is the creator of the workshops Body Love & Become The Star You Already Are, a success at Ängsbacka’s various festivals. She is appreciated for her sharp intuition, delicate sensitivity and humor as she guides participants to transformation and healing of old patterns and blockages in Body & Soul; to be more yourself and live your true potential.

Freja Fabrin

Read more about Freja

Freja Fabrin has worked with tantra and sexuality for more than 20 years. She is dedicated to empowering and supporting women to connect with their raw, natural, feminine power.

Her caring and direct approach gives women the permission they need to express hidden anger and fear that stands in the way of a free flow of life energy.

Early Bird Tickets

Available until March 31st, 2021

Course fee + food and accommodation from SEK 7750

Regular Tickets

After the Early Bird period until the event starts

Course fee + food and accommodation from SEK 8750

Accommodation upgrades will influence the price per ticket.

From Trauma to Tantra

This event is booked directly with Lamhita by contacting her at
The course fee is paid to Lamhita who can confirm the cancellation policy for her part of the ticket.

The second payment is for your food & lodging at Ängsbacka, our standard booking policy applies.