Golden Womb

Dedicated to conscious dreaming and awake awareness. To evolutionary change and creational living. To actualizing your destiny. To being part of the solution now.                        
November 2 – November 5, 2023

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Dedicated to conscious dreaming and awake awareness. To evolutionary change and creational living. To actualizing your destiny. To being part of the solution now.

It is a time out for rejuvenation and gaining clarity. Giving space for rest and connection. Checking priorities and catching up. To refresh your life force and dream the next cycle.

This retreat is also a dreaming into an open Matriarchal Circle that will continue to gather our resources and journey together.

The space of the womb is infinite. It holds the power of transformation and healing, of birthing spirit and giving life, of actualizing our potential and dreams and of connection to Source.

As woman we journey through the cycles of life, the young woman, the mature woman and the wise woman. After menopause we continue dreaming in deeper ways. We birth no longer physical children but ourselves and our gifts into the world. We actualize our destiny by sharing our wisdom and love. We experience deeper levels of pleasure through openness and cohesive presence. We are repatterning and dreaming with the Earth, the Sun, the Moon and the Stars. Humanity is our family and we are deeply grateful for the gift of Life. As we become creative in our birthing we can also die consciously.

Practical Information

Arrival day: Thursday 2nd of November, 2023
Reception is open for check-in: 12:00
First meal: 13:00

Departure day: Sunday 5th of November, 2023
Last meal: 13:00
Check-out of rooms latest at: 16:00

Åsa Kullberg

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Åsa has been an apprentice to the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path and under the guidance of the Elder Thunder Strikes in spiritual sexuality for 27 years. She founded the Rainbow Dragon Lodge – a school for ceremonial alchemy and sexual education and brought the Shamanic Body Dearmoring to Sweden 1996. She is a yoga teacher and practitioner of Kashmiri Shaivism.















This is a retreat for woman who are pre or post menopause. And who wish to/who are called to:


  • Deepen your womb presence

  • Increase receptivity as openness inside and relying on direct experience

  • Nourish and cultivate your life force energy

  • Relax the nervous system

  • Experience the pleasure of feeling and sensing everything

  • Transform, heal and liberate stuck unresolved patterns

  • Dream consciously your future

  • Actualize your birthing power

  • Live truth, simplicity and love

  • Celebrate the masculine

  • Embody Spirit and open your Heart

  • Enjoy blissful orgasm and a good laughter

  • Act with free will choice in alignment with your true priorities.


What is birthing?
Who is it that is walking this Earth?
What is your Purpose?


  • Womb Dreaming

  • Inquiry – contemplation

  • TAO Inner Alchemy and Qi Gong

  • Bone breathing

  • Yoga

  • Ceremony – Nature Walks

Price & BookinG

Course fee
Private person: 4400 SEK inc VAT
Company invoice: 5000 SEK inc VAT

Please notify on the registration form if you would like to receive a Company invoice.

Food & Accommodation
Double room: 2700 SEK/person
Single room: 3240 SEK/person

Note that the retreat requires two payments to different receivers: one payment to the organizer of the retreat and one payment to Ängsbacka Kursgård (food, lodging and admin fee).

To participate in this retreat take these steps:
1. Confirm your interest and sign through the signup form.
2. You will receive information regarding the registration process and payment details for the actual retreat from the Course leader.
3. Upon confirmation from the group admin that you have a spot in the retreat, book and pay for your food and accommodation. First come – first served applies for the available options for accommodation, secure your wished alternative by booking early. It is very helpful for us that we have your request and payment a minimum of 2 weeks before the retreat starts, the sooner the better.

Golden Womb

For questions about the course, prices  and registration contact bookingkarlinge@gmail.com
Observe! The payment and refund policy for the the two payments may differ, see Ängsbacka’s policies for more information regarding the food and lodging part (your payment to Ängsbacka).

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