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Pink Tantra

The Three Treasures of Happiness
June 3 – June 6, 2021

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What is Pink Tantra

Pink Tantra is universal love, original Innocence and the radiance of your own light body being illuminating and healing you. It includes the highest, transformational teachings of Eastern & Western spiritualities refined into simple, child-like practices. It is Joy, and the freely creative power of unconditional love flowing through our bodies, minds & sexual natures to melt away old blockages as it renews, heals, and transforms our lives.

Practical Information

Arrival day: Thursday 3rd of June, 2021
Reception is open for check-in: 17:30
First meal: 18:30
The retreat starts at: 20:00

Departure day: Sunday 6th of June, 2021
Last meal: 13:00
The retreat ends at: 16:00
Check-out of rooms latest at: 17:00

What are the three treasures?

The Three Treasures are foundational to Chinese Medicine, including Qigong, T’ai Chi and Neidan. To understand the Three Treasures and to work with them in your own body and being is to find the energy and way by which a caterpillar naturally becomes a butterfly.

Jing is our powerful sexual life-force with all its beautiful creative, healing, and ecstatic energies.

Qi is our subtle energy field and the flow of universal sublime energy through it. Free flowing Qi is the key of health and healing.

Shen is our awakening resonance with higher worlds of Love and the spiritual qualities that make them heavenly: beauty, innocent purity, wisdom, intelligence, healing, and happiness, which transform us into true being and freedom.


Pink Tantra is in complete harmony with the ancient way of the three treasures, so it is natural to combine them, making everything even more beautiful. What Pink Tantra brings is simplicity, clarity, and creative freedom to integrate everything the three treasures give in your own, personal way. And because it clearly recognizes that liberation comes from higher frequencies we focus on our open receptivity so we can effortlessly and happily grow.


We will create a sacred temple, a place of safety and mutual respect in which we may progress, step-by-step through the ancient practice of subtly activating our own storehouse of Jing and refining it into a free flow of Qi. This prepares us to lift our energies up simply by intention, commitment, and playfulness into Shen. This energy work will imprint deeply into your being the power, beauty, and perfect wisdom of this ancient Way of Rejuvenation and Illumination.

To fully support our processes we will also start our mornings gently releasing body tensions through a very special form of Yin Yoga accompanied by inspiring poetry and a gong bath in scintillating sounds.


Joy, personal clarity, ease, more natural creativity, healing, wholeness, and powerful keys to personal rejuvenation that you can easily adapt into your own life . . . and perhaps most importantly, a deepening connection with Infinite Love loving you, making you more alive: becoming you, playing in you, sharing your unique gifts with the world.

Who is this for?

Everyone with a hunger to open, heal and grow—no matter where you are in life or how much spiritual work you have done. The beauty of this process is that it is your own personal release and unfoldment. The teacher is literally within you: it is your own Light and Life through your natural connection to the Universal Source of existence. So this activation is 100% your own.

Blake Haggart Steele

Read more about Blake Haggart Steele

Blake is an Author of 15 books; a Poet with over 3,700 poems, an International Workshop Leader, Healing Therapist and Inspirational Speaker. He has over 53 years of experience in the Spiritual Journey with a background in the Christ- Centered Spirit Movement, Qigong, Mindfulness & Meditation, a Love Centered Shamanism & Pink Tantra. He is one of the main teachers of Pink Tantra in the West, having worked to make it fully accessible to Western Culture, teaching both on-line classes and through workshops in Europe and Asia.

Ingela Axkrants Steele

Read more about Ingela Axkrants Steele
Ingela is a Certified Yin & Hatha Yoga Teacher, Foot-Reflexologist, Swedish Masseuse and Registered Nurse as well as a Poet, Painter, Workshop Leader, Gong Player and Mother of four. She is respected for creating safe spaces for people to relax into Love & True Being and for the depth and richness of her Yin Yoga classes.