Conscious Camping – Sacred Womb Week

Women are rising all over the world to reclaim their power and to restore the connection all human beings used to have to the planet as a living being.

August 26 – August 30, 2020

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A summer festival season at Ängsbacka is an extraordinary container for all that we are and all that we can be. Ängsbacka has permission from the municipality and Police to keep running as a camping site for a few hundred people this summer. In order for us to be able to welcome you all in August, we are renaming the festival to ‘Conscious Camping – Sacred Womb week’, to comply with the permission given. This means, for example, that we will have fewer people gathering than usual and that activities will have a limit 50 participants at a time. We believe that this year’s special edition of Sacred Womb will live up to your expectations. Whether this will be your very first visit or your 15th year anniversary as a workshop leader, participant or volunteer.

We love welcoming all of you for our unforgettable Sacred Womb week!

This year we wish to inquire into how the elements affect who and what we are. And we wish to do this not only because it gives us self-awareness, but because it is time for us to fully embrace our nature as Earth Beings.

Welcome to Sacred Womb

In ancient times, women gathered to support each other through transitions and challenges in life. It was understood that the mysteries of feminine creation were directly linked to the vibrations of the Earth.

Once again women are rising all over the world, to claim their power and to stand together in sisterhood.

Conscious Camping – Sacred Womb week is a part of this movement and we wish for it to become a strong platform for all women to gather in sacredness and remembrance. A space to remember who we are, where we came from and where we are going.

Join us from August 26th to August 30th 2020

Is this for me?

Answer this simple question, am I a woman?
If your answer is yes, our answer is YES!

With the Sacred Womb week, we strive to create a space where each and every woman feels welcome, seen and heard. Regardless of age, skin colour, belief system, religion or nationality. We wish to give every woman something they can take into their lives at home. You are welcome, whether you are shy or wild, introvert or outgoing, brand new to this or used to it. All sisters, mothers, grandmothers, daughters and friends! 

This space offers us a chance to investigate how to “be” women in this world, today. Women function differently to men. We have our cycles and we are directly connected to the vibrations of the Earth. We feel Her, even if we are not aware of it. When we come to honour our cyclical nature and understand ourselves and each other on a deeper level as nature beings, we become more relaxed, vibrant, healthy and radiant. We discover how to create our lives without exhausting our resources. In this way we will be able to support our brothers, lovers, children and families, friends and communities, and become a true contribution. We become a part of the solution in this world.


Take a look at the theme of this year


With our theme for 2020, we were inspired by a sister gathering in South America in September 2019 where we prayed for the elements of nature with over 600 women from all over the world. We wanted to bring this energy to you, creating a true bridge between the worlds. But then, some extraordinary things happened in our collective human family, and we needed to adjust. Our event was due to happen in May, but it couldn’t. We gathered online instead, and supported each other as the world around us was in turmoil.

And from where we are now, we have chosen the new intention of “Balance” for our gathering in August.

How can we stay centered and still in the eye of the storm? When our lives are changed forever and our usual terms of engagement are no longer valid? Now. Is the time. We are standing in the portal. Our world has been shaken and it is obvious that we need to wake up, not tomorrow, not in some distant moment, but RIGHT NOW. The future is here!

Now, more than ever, we need to reach into our wombs and pull forth the wisdom of the ages, the knowledge of our ancestors, the deep connection to our Earth Mother so that we can keep walking in balance and harmony.

Sisters, the world needs us! We need to gather, re-center, relax and regenerate together so we can show up to the challenges of Life as balanced, awakened, magnetic womb spaces. So we can be part of the solution!

As Above, So Below.

You are welcome to journey with us into Balance.

Hajnalka Makk & Alva Dille

Program Coordinators Sacred Womb

Hajnalka was born in Hungary with a deep longing to explore and travel the world both within and without. She lived in London before finding the community of Ängsbacka and moving there in 2012, contributing to their events as an organiser and space holder ever since. She has a fierce dedication to truth and authenticity. She is a dancer, inspirator, comedian, listener to the silence of the human soul unspoken behind words. She walks the path of Sweet Medicine SunDance shamanic tradition and has studied various healing modalities of body, heart, mind and soul. Her gift is her presence of acceptance and the deep wisdom of her heart. Her driving force is to contribute to the balance and healing between the masculine and feminine in the world. She currently works as an Integrated Sexuality Coach.

Alva had her first awakening moment at age 21 when she traveled back to the Womb of Source. This was the shifting point. The Re-Birth. From that moment on she dedicated her life to study Shamanism and to heal. She lived in the Amazon Jungle, became a mother. She has been an apprentice on the shamanic path Twisted Hairs, since 2007. Walking the Path of the Rainbow Warrior. Educated in Biodanza Heart In Motion, Womb Awakening and Medicinal Aromatherapy. Currently holding various workshops and retreats in Norway, Sweden & Ibiza. Alva is a visionary, a wild & warm woman with a fierce dedication to healing and authentic presence. She is a Dharma Dream Pilot with a driving force to birth a new world in harmony where we touch self, life and others with beauty and make our life a living prayer

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Regular Tickets

Until 3 days before the Sacred Womb week

Camping spot + food and activities from SEK 3520

Last minute tickets

2 days before, and the starting day of the Sacred Womb week

Camping spot + food and activities from SEK 4020

The booking page automatically shows the actual price for the current price-period, with the discount included.

Accommodation upgrades will influence the price per ticket.

Practical information

A day at Ängsbacka

You will have a lot of freedom to design your experience during your Conscious Camping week. We are planning for a rich variety of activities to choose from and here is basically what you can expect from a day:
Morning practice - start the day in a calm and/or energizing way!

  • Breakfast - first meal of the day presented as a beautiful buffet.
  • Information meeting - together we set the tone for the day ahead and share important information for all.
  • A variety of parallel activities are offered before lunch.
  • Lunch - the main meal of the day - is served from our amazing kitchen.
  • A variety of parallel activities are offered before dinner.
  • Dinner - a lighter, still fully nourishing meal.
  • The evening offers a chance to simply rest or take part in the activities, music/concert, the possibility to meet a friend at the café or enjoy the flames at the firepit...

Once per day, everybody meets in their sharing groups; all of us come together for the core practice of Ängsbacka!


The Conscious Camping ticket includes a spot in the camping area and you bring your own tent.

Camping is only allowed in areas marked for this purpose. Pitching a tent in other places such as the neighboring fields or the nearby forest (belongs to the municipality) is strictly prohibited. Our good relations with our neighbors depend on all following this rule.

Open fires in the actual campsite and in the forest are strictly prohibited, gas burners are allowed as long as there is not an official fire ban.

You will find outdoor toilets in connection to the camping areas and showers indoors both in the Barn and the Annex buildings. We advise you to bring earplugs for better sleep if you are sound sensitive as the site can get loud at times.


Indoor accommodations come at hostel standard with shared showers and toilets. Depending on availability and your budget we offer the following options for indoor accommodation:

  • Dorms (bunk beds with max 16 spots per dorm)
  • 4-6 bedroom (bunk beds max 4 spots per room)
  • double room (twin bed)
  • single room

Indoor accommodation includes a blanket and pillow for each person. You need to bring your own bed sheets or a sleeping bag and a pillowcase. Towels are not included. We offer the possibility to rent sheets and towels at an additional cost.


If you would like to bring your camper or caravan - check availability when booking your ticket. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to offer electricity for any of these spots. 


All meals are included during your stay; breakfast lunch and dinner are prepared and served daily. Ängsbacka offers a vegetarian diet prepared with love. We use locally produced and organic products to a large extent. In connection with your booking, you can ask for a vegan diet (same as lactose free) or gluten and nut-free food options. For practical reasons, we cannot meet any other wishes related to allergies or diets during festivals. All meals are presented at the outdoor serving tent area.

Recycle all materials including food waste at the designated areas on site.


Ängsbacka has a policy of zero tolerance for illicit drugs and alcohol. We don’t serve alcohol, and it is not allowed to drink or to be under the influence of alcohol or other substances when you are at Ängsbacka. If you are found under the influence, we will ask you to leave immediately.

Please find our other general policies and guidelines here.


Remember! We always request you to book and pay your stay online before arrival. Once you're here you will be able to use cash, card or Swish (Swedish direct payment service) at our reception. We only accept SEK. Regarding cash withdrawal, there is a cash point at Coop in Molkom (the nearby village).


The Café is a cosy meeting place for hang-out, new friendships and deep conversation. You can buy yummy home-made cakes, a wide range of coffee, teas, golden milk, smoothies, chilled beverages, chocolate, raw food goodies and more! The Café is cash-free.


At Karma Store you find organic yoga clothes, beautiful jewelry, books, beauty products and ­more.


We will offer some sittings in our amazing and newly renovated Sauna, there are limited spots and you sign up at the reception. Come relax and enjoy the heat in the company of new and old friends. It is an absolute requirement to bring a towel to sit on in the sauna.


Once on-site you will find more information about the activities offered during your stay. The offers may be changed with short notice (sometimes depending on the weather or so), so please check it often. On-site you will also find opening hours for café, shop, reception and more.


As a visitor at Ängsbacka you are solely responsible for your personal belongings at all times. During your stay Ängsbacka will support you to retrieve any items lost by setting up, and maintaining specific “Lost & Found”-labelled boxes nearby the workshop-spaces. Collected items will be stored for a total of 2 weeks.

Valuables such as wallets, digital devices, keys and similar are handed in and kept at our booking office for a maximum of 3 months and will be returned upon description. Valuables are the only items that will be sent to you after the event is over and you will be charged for the postage plus an administrative fee of 100 SEK.

Please be aware that Ängsbacka does not take any responsibility for personal belongings - the above is to be considered a service and not a guarantee that you will be able to retrieve lost items whether valuables or others, such as clothing.


Check-in: No Mind, Tantra & Sexsibility weeks: 15.00 - 18.30. Sacred Womb week: preliminary 15:00 -18.30
Check-out*: No Mind & Tantra week: 14.30. Sexsibility week: 15.00. Sacred Womb Week: to be decided. 
Dinner first night: No Mind & Sexsibility week: 18.00 Tantra & Sacred Womb week: 18.30
First information meeting: No Mind week: 19.30, Tantra week: 20.00 Sexsibility & Sacred Womb week: to be decided

*Take down your tent or clean your room before this time. You don’t need to formally check out at the reception.


You will receive a welcome letter with more detailed information about your stay.


Ängsbacka is an international course and festival center with people from all over the world. The main language spoken is English.


It’s easy to find your way to Ängsbacka by car, bus or train. Read more about how to find your way here.


The reception open-times will vary. You can find our contact details here.