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Shamanic Body Dearmoring

A powerful healing process to release contractions in the body and to awaken the natural flow of life force energy.
April 18 – May 2, 2020

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An intensive ceremonial process

Shamanic Body Dearmoring is an intense healing process that loosens the pain tapes from the past held within the body. It frees and expands the overall life force energy and stimulates vital health and happiness. It is a modernized shamanic technique and ceremony that restores your natural balance and generates transformation on a cellular level. The process utilizes pressure points, strong vibration, breath and the movement of your sexual energy through your whole body to loosen, break up, and remove your body’s armor.

A 15-day retreat

The process consists of a series of 13 dearmoring sessions. In addition to the sessions, the process includes specific teachings.
The program is varied according to geographical circumstances and the needs and dynamics of the group. Teachings, exercises and ceremonies are included to facilitate the integration of the process.

Practical Information

Arrival day: Saturday 18th of April, 2020
Departure day: Saturday 2nd of May, 2020

The course is also available 22nd of augusti – 5th of september, 2020

Åsa Kullberg

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Åsa has been an apprentice to the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path and under the guidance of the Elder Thunder Strikes in spiritual sexuality for 27 years.

She founded the Rainbow Dragon Lodge – a school for ceremonial alchemy and sexual education and brought the Shamanic Body Dearmoring to Sweden 1996.

What is body armor?

Body Armor is a result from painful, restrictive or intimidating experiences, where we contract on a physical and cellular level as well as in our psyche. As these contractions cumulate, they start to form bands of armor inside the tissue of the body. Within these bands of armor, we hold patterns of fear, withdrawal and avoidance, most often leading to a sensation of inadequacy and unnaturalness. Armor restricts the free flowing of our life force, it impacts our health, vitality and sexuality, creates stress and blocks our access to our higher self and our evolution: Evolution is based on expansion; armor keeps us in a constant state of contraction.

What is the effect?

Common effects reported from people who have done the process are:

  • Life energy pulsates through the body with greater power and magnitude.
  • Life flows more easily.
  • A greater contact with themselves and with God.
  • Deeper intimacy in relationships and access to deeper and higher levels of orgasm.
  • Freedom from unconscious patterns which are a result of armor.
  • Increase of energy, vitality and health in all our aspects.

In addition to this, a greater need arises to do activities that nourish the body, inspires the heart and motivates the mind – that which expresses our heart’s deepest longing.

Shamanic Body Dearmoring

Shamanic Body Dearmoring is not held at Ängsbacka. We bring this offer to you based on a long and strong collaboration with Åsa Kullberg
The booking process takes place outside of our website, more information can be found at www.asakullberg.se/shamansk-dearmorering/

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