Soul Dance

“How do you move through the world – are you a high energy dancer, is your motion sensitive and intuitive, is emotional expression part of your dance?”
October 22 – October 25, 2020

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Soul Dance is an Ängsbacka gathering for all of you who love to dance!

Welcome to a celebration and exploration of physical and emotional expressions through dance and music.

The intention of Soul Dance is to bring us closer to ourselves and others, to become more intimate, connected and empowered. This is your opportunity to experience the full spectrum of emotions from the subtle to the ecstatic. We will be guided by some of the most creative and leading space holders within their fields to journey through different dimensions of dancing.


In Soul Dance, we explore modalities like Ecstatic Dance, Contact improvisation, 5Rhythms, breathwork and other ways to come into our own body as well as connecting with other people. The main focus is not on learning set steps, but on letting the body move freely, feeling oneself, expressing with movement and voice and letting go of the social mind.
Adding more dimensions we also include guided movement, exercises and techniques, to create connection, clarity and direction.

The journey

This four day long dance gathering will take you on a journey where you will be invited to experience your full spectrum of emotions and sensations through different forms of dance and movements.
The team of workshop leaders and musicians will be presented in the coming weeks.

Practical Information

Arrival day: Thursday 22nd of October, 2020
Reception is open for check-in: 15:00
First meal: 18:30
The retreat starts at: 20:00

Departure day: Sunday 25th of October, 2020
Last meal: 13:00
The retreat ends at: 13:00
Check-out of rooms latest at: 15:00

A grasp of the Soul Dance teachers

Workshop leader Isabella dos Santos

Isabella dos Santos

Read more about Isabella dos Santos

Isabella dos Santos is an experienced and investigative “Somanaut” and teacher with over 30 years of experience of bodies in motion and stillness. Isabella has done research and worked internationally where she created different forms of treatment on site. Her goal has been to find unique and authentic expressions from each culture. The experiences from these collaborations resulted in the education program Conscious Touch.

Conscious Touch is an approach – to be able to float in trust and presence with your client as a therapist. A large part of all forms of treatment have also included their own experience of movement and stillness. To work with other people’s bodies is to work and get to know your own body.

Isabella has been actively teaching Yoga, dance and NIA (Neuromuscular Integrative Action) and other movement forms since the 80’s. Today she works with BBTRS Biodynamic Breathwork and trauma release system, a new way to discover and regulate one’s nervous system.

Workshop leaders Csilla & Gabriel

Csilla & Gabriel

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Csilla Domonkos creates enchanting poetic magic with movement, hula hoop and contact staff. She has the ability to both see and express that nothing is just black or white and uses nuances, which makes creative work so much more alive.

Gabriel Gabor Szenaszki’s musical journey began in childhood and since then he has  been constantly interested in the importance of music in various cultural contexts. This makes him a versatile co-creator in his collaborative works, spiced up with his characteristic personal expression. Gabriel’s openness, spontaneity and ability in improvisation brings life into his music and through that, the creative process with him becomes an adventure.

Csilla and Gabriel are part of AZADI Artistic Expressions – the collaborative work of teachers and artists with a great dedication to the artform they love and with the goal of bringing joy to the world through their passion. The fields they work in stretches from traditional West African music to the modern world of dance, theater, circus and electronic music.

Workshop leader Kasia Soraya

Kasia Soraya

Read more about Kasia Soraya

Kasia Soraya is a joyful life-long learner! She has had the privilege of working and learning in many different occupations and settings. Kasia Soraya is a Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner, Body-Mind and Stress Management Therapist, Creativity and Art Teacher, mother, meditator, yogi, conscious event organizer, dance lover and…experienced lawyer. Her work has always had the function of helping people to find peace and to see more clearly. She is excited about building a solid foundation for emotional self-regulation and finding tools for resilience, compassion, and loving-kindness. Always with the spark of joy and a great sense of humor and aliveness.

Kasia Soraya holds tapping in groups and individual sessions. Her approach to EFT is to meet you where you are now in your experience. She holds space for you to speak your truth and explore your experience. This honoring of your experience creates a level of safety within that helps you to begin to trust yourself and your process. The issue you work on, can then begin to safely evolve away and empower you to feel better faster, become unstuck, and to live the life you are wanting. In her work, she is focusing on safe ways for healing past traumas through the use of somatic tools for self-soothing.

Workshop leader Niklas Almqvist

Niklas Almqvist

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Niklas Almqvist will be bringing us deep relaxation to support restorative practices and slowing down.
Niklas is dedicated to sound vibrations and he shares his passion through creating soundscapes with singing bowls, gong, or playing the sitar. Niklas is following his deep inner calling to share an invitation to the present moment through live interaction. The aim of the interaction is to bring our awareness into the timeless recognition of being consciousness as the only reality. His invitation is simple, joyful, and down to earth with only intention to find alignment, harmony, and self-empowerment.
During the course of the past years, he has been influenced by the shamanic traditions of Amazon and has assisted and co-created many transformative retreats. He is a certified Kambo practitioner and facilitates breathing practices.

Workshop leader Johan Axelsson

Johan Axelsson

Read more about Johan Acelsson
MEET Johan Axelsson
Johan is a saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist that plays with great energy and intensive groove. Plays with the band Bicycle Beat.
Have a taste of his medicine at Spotify:
Workshop leader Mårten Pella

Mårten Pella

Read more about Mårten Pella
We are excited to welcome Mårten Pella – a drummer for community!
For Mårten, music is primarily a way of building a community. Made with awareness and intention, it reminds us of our playfulness, creativity and collective intelligence. He loves when boundaries between artist and audience fade away – the place where co-creation begins and the possibility of the future grows. Where young and old lead together and we get a glimpse of our true selves. Music is a universal language and medicine, most sacred and very simple at the same time.

Mårten grew up with a father who played the blues and a mother who taught West African dance in Stockholm. As a small boy he started banging all sorts of things; pots, pillows and tables, with spoons, sticks and his hands. This is basically what he still does today. In the band Bicycle Beat, he uses bicycles and trash as instruments, and lead workshops on how to play with trash. Mårten humbly carries the musical heritage of the fathers of blues and jazz, the mothers of west African dances and rhythms, as well as the rich traditions of klezmer and Balkan music, and European classical music. He wants to express his gratitude to all his teachers and those who carried these traditions before us.

Listen to Bicycle Beat and get all groovy on Spotify.

Workshop leader Magnus Vikström

Magnus Vikström

Read more about Magnus Vikström
Time to present Magnus Vikström – the very core of the Soul Dance.
Magnus is a musician, psychologist, and festival maker, among many other things. For five consecutive years, Magnus was coordinating the No Mind festival at Ängsbacka, with around 1000 visitors.
During the 2000s, he played in the Stockholm band Granada, and very recently, under pseudonym Magness, he has released his solo album “We are nature”. Magnus is dedicated to various forms of dance, and often leads contact improvisation, dance ceremonies, and the like at festivals and courses…
…and he is a great DJ.
Listen to Magness’ album on Spotify.

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