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Tantric Exploration

Take a deep journey through the practices of tantra, beyond sex and with the power of sexual energy as our driving force. This retreat is perfect for taking your first steps into tantra as well as to deepen your embodied experience of unconditional love and tantric healing.
Join Tantric Exploration with Lin Lovely from the 7th May till 10th May 2020

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This long weekend is suitable for both beginners and advanced tantra practitioners, for couples, singles, and any sexual identification. It’s a journey beyond our limitations in to a self realization as the one luminent creator of life.

We will explore many different tantric doctrines, from the “white tantra” where we learn to be present with life force energy and to expand our awareness to let the energy be as apparent as any body part to execute your will and your desire in life.  We will also explore classic tantra, where ceremonies, rituals, and symbolics play an important role. We will try neo tantra that deals with sexuality as a door to a divine and empowered life.

The tantric practises are efficient ways to reprogram your brain and nervous system to embody your intentions in life without interruption from old patterns and stuck emotions. Tantra can be challenging and it is always associated with the pleasure of expanding and growing. Releasing old habits, old fears and receiving an embodied experience of unconditional and healing love that makes you luminant and a charismatic that attracts and enchant. You will get the imprints that you need to realize your self as love and to shift your awareness to a life in abundance and flow.

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Practical Information

Course date: 7th May till 10th May 2020
Course fee: Prices start at 5800 SEK

Program Coordinator Yoga and Tantra Festival

Lin Lovely