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The Ineffable stream

Welcome to our budding heart-centered community – exploring meditation practices and the art of self-inquiry. The Ineffable Stream teaching integrates spiritual, psychological and somatic wisdom with the aim of supporting awakening into Self-realization.
Join The Ineffable stream with Susannah Grover from the 29th March till 5th April 2020

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Welcome to our budding heart-centered community – exploring meditation practices and the art of self-inquiry. The Ineffable Stream teaching integrates spiritual, psychological and somatic wisdom with the aim of supporting awakening into Self-realization.

 The goal of the spiritual journey is only to evermore arrive in a place called ‘Here’, in the Heart of an ever-expanding ’Now’, and to increasingly discover the profound significance of what this means, as a blessing to our personal lives and to our world.

The Ineffable Stream group formally began March 2019. The upcoming March/April 2020 retreat is open to new participants, as well as previous participants. Feel free to join us and see if the group resonates with you. The group will be open for one more retreat, and intends to continue to meet through early 2024. There will be two week-long retreats per year in Sweden, as well as some scheduled in-between one-day webinars (one or two between each retreat). At each retreat and webinar we explore different themes, mostly guided from what arises organically in the group. Once the group closes the participants wishing to continue will be those who are committed to participating, which supports the continuity of the holding and work for everyone. Of course people are free to leave the group at any time.

Supporting self-realization & self-actualization

The Ineffable Stream retreats focus on integrating spiritual, psychological, and somatic wisdom within a relational context, with the aim of supporting awakening into the two sides of human fulfillment, being Self-Realization and Self-Actualization. This unfolding happens both individually and in connection with everyone in the group, where each one’s work becomes a source of nourishment, inspiration and support for everyone’s transformative streaming towards Home… with profound skills and tools learned, to then be applied in one’s daily life.

During the retreats the group explores different practices, such as meditation, sensing and self-inquiry, as we are each learning to deepen our own experience in Presence. The group also explores the practice of TaKeTiNa – a movement, rhythm and singing practice (taketina.com), which supports the neural circuitry of the body to become more flexible and supple, also supporting the flow of Essence to replace ego fixations and tension patterns. These practices also support the overall psycho-spiritual work of the retreats to land and gradually become integrated. In addition to Susannah and her assisting colleagues, there are others who enhance the retreats via yoga, bodywork, music and creative expression in order to make the offering more complete. The teachings are guided from what is organically emerging from the interactive field of the group participants.

What does ’Ineffable’ mean?

The Ineffable Stream is another way of naming The Tao. The word ‘Ineffable’ means ’so subtle it is indescribable, inexpressible, beyond words’. Yet, mysteriously – the Ineffable Stream intelligently and harmoniously expresses itself everywhere, including in us, ultimately as us.

”Be soft in your practice. Think of the method as a fine silvery stream, not a raging waterfall. Follow the stream, have faith in its course. It will go its own way, meandering here, trickling there. It will find the grooves, the cracks, the crevices. Just follow it. Never let it out of your sight. It will take you.”


The structure of the group

There will be a large group teaching meetings, as well as small groups and individual sessions with trained teachers offered throughout the week-long retreats. Susannah may also invite guest teachers and others to enhance the offering via movement, music and body work. During the retreat week the participants will have some time to take beautiful forest walks, be immersed in silence, rest and contemplate as well as make contributions in the group and to the venue in working mediation.

Experienced team of teachers

The Ineffable Stream group is led by the appreciated teacher Susannah Grover and her experienced colleagues. Susannah was initiated and requested to teach by her Indian lineage Sufi teacher in the 1970s, and also instructed to teach by the Oracle of Tibet in the 1990s. Susannah was previously a teacher of the Diamond Approach (1995–2017), where she led groups in USA, Australia and Europe. She resigned from the Diamond Approach organization in 2017, and was invited by Ängsbacka to lead this new group – combining the different wisdom currents from her rich experiences from 50 years of deep inner practice and trainings in the fields of spirituality (traditional and indigenous), psychology (trained by a Bodynamics psychotherapist) as well as numerous somatic healing modalities.

During the upcoming March/April 2020 retreat Susannah will again be accompanied by her husband Paul, (aka Prashantananda of the Bihar School of Yoga), Esther Diethelm and Joachim Münster (both certified teachers of TaKeTiNa and Ineffable Stream teachers, who also were involved in the Diamond Approach teacher training) and Lynne Tarrab-Snooks (Ineffable Stream teacher, psychotherapist and founder of Thrive, introducing a new educational system in the UK) and possibly other teachers. The retreats are held in English, though two of the teachers (Esther and Joachim) are fluent in German.

“Inside this clay jug there are canyons and pine-mountains and the maker of canyons and mountains! All seven oceans are inside, and hundreds of millions of stars. The acid that tests gold is there, and the one who judges jewels. And the music from the strings no one touches, and the Source of all water…”

TaKeTiNa – as a part of the Ineffable Stream retreats

The practise of TaKeTiNa is a part of the Ineffable Stream retreats. Get a small taste of what it is like in this interview with the teachers Esther Diethelm and Joachim Münster.The upcoming retreat, 29 March–5 April 2020, is now open for registration and this is the last chance to join the group before it closes. Write to ineffable.stream@gmail.com to register. ✨

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A participant is sharing...

What can it feel like to participate in an Ineffable Stream retreat? To get a sense of what this work is about, listen to Timothy sharing his experience.The Ineffable Stream retreat 'Flowing with the Stream' will take place 23–28 October 2018, at Ängsbacka Kursgård, in Sweden. To register write to ineffable.stream@gmail.com or visit https://www.facebook.com/events/544746405923214/ to learn more.

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A participant is sharing

"I'm truly amazed that something like this is happening, and it is happening right now. (...) I'm not looking for anyone, for anything anymore. I'm home." Sofia, participant in the 2018 retreatsRegistration and booking is now open for the upcoming retreat, 24-31 March 2019. Write to ineffable.stream@gmail.com to register and book your food & lodging here: https://tinyurl.com/ybnrpo7c

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The group is open for one more retreat only – apply now

The group is currently open to all sincere beings who might resonate with the opportunity to get to know themselves in subtler and deeper ways. People are free to attend the March/April retreat without needing to have attended the previous retreats, also without making a commitment to continue in the group, as you and the teachers will determine if this group is right for you at this time. Feel free to join us and see how the offerings resonate with you.

Keep in mind that this will be the only group Susannah and colleagues intend to teach in Sweden. This opportunity will not be available again once this group closes.

More information

  • The retreat will be taught in English.
  • Limited to about 60 people, maximum.


Price & Booking

The tuition for the seven-day March/April 2020 retreat is on a sliding scale: 550–850 Euro. The tuition includes the fee for one mandatory individual session and two small group sessions. The tuition is in addition to the cost of food and lodging (paid to the venue, through Ängsbacka’s online system).

To register your participation please contact the group admin as soon as possible, but before the 23th of February 2020: ineffable.stream@gmail.com

Note that the retreat requires two payments to different receivers: one payment to the organizer of the retreat (tuition) and one payment to Ängsbacka Kursgård (food, lodging and admin fee).

To participate in this retreat take these steps:
1. Confirm your interest and sign up by contacting the group admin: ineffable.stream@gmail.com
2. You will receive information regarding the registration process and payment details for the actual retreat from group admin.
3. Upon confirmation from the group admin that you have a spot in the retreat, fill in the form below to book and pay for your food and accommodation. First come – first served applies for the available options for accommodation, secure your wished alternative by booking early. It is very helpful for us that we have your request and payment a minimum of 2 weeks before the retreat starts, the sooner the better.

Observe! The payment and refund policy for the the two payments may differ, see Ängsbacka’s policies for more information regarding the food and lodging part (your payment to Ängsbacka).

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Practical Information

Course date: 29th Mar till 5th Apr 2020
Course fee: Prices start at 9460 SEK

Susannah Grover