‘The Silence of the Heart’ Retreat

Retreat into self-inquiry, silence and contemplation to explore and establish yourself in your own true nature.
April 11 – April 15, 2023

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In contradiction with our newsletter this retreat takes place April 11 – April 15, 2023.

Meetings in Stillness – Meetings in Truth

Since 2010 Paul Hurcomb has been offering ‘Meetings in Stillness’ – a guided space for presence, silence, self-inquiry, and truth. Topics that often arise are self-realisation, authenticity, self-inquiry, inner child, relationships, humanness, presence, surrender, awakening and life after awakening. With this 4-day retreat Paul is once again returning to Ängsbacka, to guide a group of dedicated participants through satsangs (meetings in truth), silent sittings, guided meditations, group sharings, deep rest, movement practices and walks in nature. In between the meetings the group is in silence.

‘My only wish when holding meetings is to be empty enough, still enough, and present enough to be able to truly hear you. And in truly hearing you may we together discover the silent presence within which is the source of all refuge, knowledge, and wisdom. Then there is no teacher, no student, and no teaching. Nothing remains other than that which is naturally arising in this moment, and the unchanging Presence which effortlessly witnesses it all’ 

– Paul Hurcomb

Who is this retreat for?

 A dedicated time to retreat in this way gives the possibility to spend time together in a safe and supportive environment; to focus exclusively on self-inquiry, silence and inner contemplation. A retreat is a direct invitation into self-discovery and it is for those who want to establish themselves in their own true nature.The working community at Ängsbacka will support the retreat by preparing for your arrival and by serving three nutritious meals per day during your stay. 

Everybody with a willingness to explore themselves more deeply are warmly welcome to sign up for this retreat. ​Before attending the retreat at Ängsbacka Paul recommends you to attend some open meetings to ensure that you are ready for a silent retreat. Read more about Paul and Meetings in Stillness here.

Practical Information

Arrival day: Tuesday 11th of April, 2023
Reception is open for check-in: 17:30
First meal: 18:30
The retreat starts at: 20:00

Departure day: Saturday 15th of April, 2023
Last meal: 13:00
Check-out of rooms latest at: 15:00

Paul Hurcomb

Read more about Paul Hurcomb

Paul spent 12 years as a practising Buddhist until 2002 when in the midst of deep suffering he had a profound awakening from mind identity into presence. This experience led him to leave his job as a school teacher and spend long periods of time in South India. This was where he met his teacher Sri Mooji who introduced him to the self-inquiry teachings popularised by the great sage Ramana Maharshi. It was during this time he realised the Self.


Since 2010 Paul has been travelling and holding meetings and retreats with small groups of seekers mostly in Spain, Uk and Scandinavia. Paul’s approach is natural, compassionate and warm. Always combining the deep embodiment of presence with a direct, clear and authentic approach to spirituality.

Paul shares poetry, videos, and writings in Meetings in Stillness Facebook group here and you find additional information on the website.

The meditations, your teaching and the cumulative build up over the 5 days has yet again had a profound effect…

And it’s not just the personal experience, but seeing how you work with each individual person – and with all of us as a group – that is so powerful. Your gentle, kind mix of knowledge, humour and love is really a devastating combination – breaks down all resistance and allows one to see and feel where it wasn’t possible before.


This retreat facilitated a deep immersion in presence, stillness and being. For me, it was deeply restful and rejuvenating. The combination of the truth, love, compassion, and wisdom in Satsang, with the physical healing and strengthening through yoga and the breathtaking experiences in nature made this a truly unforgettable (non-)experience. The connection with the hearts of and communion in spirit with the other participants in silence felt so sacred and pure. The best medicine. ”Fully human, fully divine”. Thank you.



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‘The Silence of the Heart’ Retreat