Yoga Festival

This year's Yoga Festival will be merged into our No Mind Festival in August.

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The world is in a phase of great transition, many of you may experience foundational changes in your daily life. This is an intense, challenging and in ways exciting time, where our personal – as well as the entire humanity’s – choices for change, are as impactful as they ever were.

…Sadly, changes made it necessary for us to postpone the Yoga Festival as we know it, for this summer. But Yoga doesn’t stop, and maybe its role is even more important now than ever before. Do your practice, do your meditation, join an online class or practice outdoors in the sun with your friends. Now you can instead come to No Mind this summer; to enjoy yoga, meditation and all the other beautiful offerings that this festival has for you. And, I look forward to seeing you for a blast of Yoga again in 2021.

Sat Nam
Lin and the Ängsbacka festival team