Alessandro Di Benedetto

Tantra Teacher
Alessandro is really committed to Sadhana “self-practice” and during his life have been diving into Yoga, Tantra, various Meditations, Muay Thai and Indian Classical music. . He combines the spiritual teachings of Tantra – Yoga with breathwork practices, awareness of movement and Cold therapy. He believe that as humans we are able to do a lot more than we are taught, by embracing a conscious and ‘healthy’ life-style, we can re-discover our true self and consciously use the gifts that nature gave us to fully experience our self and the reality we live in, getting back to our natural state. . During his retreats he create a space for participants to enter in a constant dynamic meditation and to fully explore the self and connect with others from an authentic space His aim is to inspire people giving them the right tools to create their own reality and reach their higher potentials.