Annica Dahlin

Therapist & Tantra teacher
Annica Dahlin works as a facilitator and therapist in psykosyntesis, bodywork and as a sex, love and intimacy coach. With leadership, personal growth, tantra, yoga and meditation. She has 20 years of deep experience in mindfulness, intimacy, tantra, sacred sexuality and therapy. She has completed educations from all over the world. Annica works daily with people and businesses, helping them evolve and grow. She has multiple skills and love to share them with the world. Annica educates in leadership, tantric philosophy, consent and conscious sexuality. She continues to evolve her own methods and educations. “I learn the most from meetings with other people” The appreciated podcast “Tantraliv” (meaning tantralife) is her creation. It’s a podcast about tantra, conscious sexuality, intimacy, love and life. On the podcast she has intimate conversations with some of the most experienced teach