Personal & spiritual growth through conscious kink

BliXX a brand and a community around personal growth through conscious sexuality, more specifically conscious kink.

It was founded in 2018 out of the vision of creating a more inclusive version of a tantric temple party, where not just “light”, ‘soft’ and ‘tender’ is welcomed, but also ‘dark’ and ‘forbidden’, which is explored in a ritualistic, safer and conscious way.

In BliXX conscious power exchanges, communication around consent, boundaries and desires, management of rejections or the establishment of vulnerable connections, are used to support individuals on the path towards enlightenment.

BliXX has touched more than 1000 beings through its xperiences and retreats. Throughout the years the desire to TO HELP PEOPLE TO TRANSFORM SHAME AND DOMESTICATION INTO WILDERNESS, FREEDOM, AUTHENTICITY, SELF-KOWLEDGE, POWER AND LOVE has been only reinforced.