Christelle MoveHealGrow

Holding firecerominies, inner and outside

Christelle is The shaman in sneakers, a modern medicine woman, with over 25 years of experience of energywork.

In sessions she uses a combination of various techniques from shamanic traditions, schools of meditation and mindfulness, yoga and physical trauma healing methods to achieve deep positive transformations in her clients.

When in doubt she turns to the elements.

When energy is low, she connects with the liquid fire of mother earth in meditation and offering prayers sticks to the fire when something in life needs to be transformed. Talking to the wind, asking help from the water for flow and cleansing. Sitting by the fire under the stars to find comfort and gathering groups to connect in community by facilitating firecermonies and offer guidance in how to connect, process and transform life through the fire.
On a focused mission to awaken and strengthen, teaching ways to manag