Disa Mineur

Fertility Awareness, Body Literacy and Earthing Guide

As a Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner and Fertility Awareness Educator my daily work is to teach women about how their reproductive bodies work as well as how they can surf their hormonal cycles, finding a full flow in life. The body as a Beloved is my guide and my teachings all start from that philosophy, that your body is sacred, and that it speaks a subtle language we can start to learn by observing its ebb and flow. Besides being a Fertility Coach I´m also an Earthing Guide and use Earthing as one of my main tools to remain vital myslef aswell as to help my clients to find energy and health trough the healing powers of the earth.
I have been studying and working within the field of Holistic Functional Medicine for the last 13 years, 8 of them being dedicated to the Female Body and its Fertility.