Ellie Wilde

Alchemical Intimacy

Soul-centric Alchemist, Wanderer, and Mystic – Ellie Wilde is a Trauma Trained Transformational Guide, who, through her life’s struggles and 20+ years of training and service is an activist and revolutionary for Conscious and Embodied Relating.

In her work with others she shares a passion for an emergence of regenerative aliveness here on Planet Earth. It is her intent to support the Great Change that is happening at this time, and because she knows just how much we are in this together her work centres around Relating, Intimacy, Embodiment, Community and Soul.

Her latest body of work Alchemical Intimacy offers a space to practice deepening beneath the layers of imprint, back to blueprint and connecting to the breath of life that weaves through all living things.

From this place of intimacy we get to breathe new life into our connection with ourselves and each other.