Osho Dynamic Meditation

Grahi is Sannyas of Osho for 21 years now and is dedicated to living life in celebration and meditation. With his personal style of teaching, he supports people to accept who they are in their truth. Grahi is trained in many different teachings such as Non-Dual Therapy, Massage Therapy, NLP Master, Zen-Coaching and Hypnotherapy. His greatest teaching is his own recovery process from the diagnose of PTSD and bipolarity as well as excessive drug and alcohol abuse. Grahi works as a Coach and Organisational Consultant for the management and staff at Ängsbacka Kursgård.

OSHO Dynamic Meditation is a powerful way to wake up and release your body, mind and emotions. We end up in celebration of our life energy.

"Nothing in this life is good or bad, only thinking makes it so" -