Guri Ama Gaia

Movement Medicine, Awakening Yin, Vocal River, Body Poetry

Guri Ama Gaia is a teacher and therapist with a modern approach to spirituality. With ease, grace, a whole lot of humor and deep knowledge, she guides wisely and strong. Guri has been teaching yoga and meditation for the last 15 years. She is a Rosenmethod Practitioner, Therapist, and Bodyworker. An IKYA teacher-in-training. As a senior teacher, she has explored deeply in the field of consciousness, movement and creativity, and fuses these elements in her own poetic way. She is deeply dedicated to improvisation and the healing aspect of movement. Her own journey has been a radical unlearning process, with connection to life and nature as foundation. True love, embodiment, authenticity and fun, is key elements in how she approaches the studies and teachings. With a playful, warm approach, she has a talent for grounding complex matters and is deeply dedicated in assisting the shift.