Iréne Ödmark-Hall

EFT Tapping
When Iréne first came across EFT Tapping some 18 years ago she thought it was the most ridiculous thing ever. But then she tried it in a very vulnerable situation and the change it brought her was amazing. Since then she has had an ongoing romance with Tapping, in any shape or form. It makes her feel alive, creative, connected – both to herself, her clients and what is important in life. Iréne is Scandinavia’s only EFT International Master Trainer. Also certified in the Zen Way of Coaching, Intention Tapping and Identity Healing. In her client work Iréne mainly focuses on stress related problems, social anxiety, fear of public speaking, cancer and sleep problems. With intuition, gentleness and humour she uses her own blend of Tapping approaches combined with with imagework and mindfulness to create a safe space for healing and inner growth.