1. Heart puja, ”Into you, I see Me” -authentic relating 2. Growing in polarities -healing your inner feminine and masculine 3. Embodied Eros, the 8 love types and how to navigate relating
Jaandrée is a passionate being having dance as her way of aligning She’s a trauma informed tantra therapist & sexological bodyworker with a background as a social worker & organisation developer Today She’s alchemizing different tools she’s embodied during her professional & personal life, mainly holding space for individualister and groups as a tantra therapist (bodywork, energy work and de-armouring) and yoga teacher Her aim is to support people in fully letting go, being met in a safe space, held in love & vulnerability. Supporting people to come back into love & our way of being mesmerized like children She believes that If you feel safe, You dare to (s)explore, increaseing your wellbeing & staying positive in life Jaandrée uses all senses to come closer to one self, to really feel. Using her full presence the body, breath, sound & movement for healing & Awakening