Jack Lidback

Soulful Sound Healing Journey

Music can be a healing form of art, a powerful resonator of emotions and a way to lighten your mood or simply enjoy. To Jack, music is even more. It’s as much a flow of life and it’s essence, as an expression of the soul.

In a unique mix of sound healing, guided relaxation and beautiful melodies, Jack leads you through a hypnotic journey and invites you to experience something new. A soothing fusion of healing instruments like hangdrum, flute, shaman drum, chakra tuners and more, harmonized with angelic guitar tunes, and touching vocals of channeled light language.

His audience is most often amazed by the vast and unique sound scape and how deeply it evokes, shifts and transforms something within. Just close your eyes, relax and float away.

Jack also specialises in trauma, well-being and emotional therapy & mental training through hypnosis, NLP and psychosensory therapy.