Janina Vivianne & Oliver

Safer Sex and Intimacy Workshops

Janina Vivianne is a sex-positive activist and event organizer. She is working in Europe to spread sex-positivity and awareness regarding safer sex and sex-positivity. She is also the creator of The Parallel Universe – An Adult Playground and founded Sex-Aware /a Safer Sex Association to promote sexual health, tests, and disease prevention. She co-creates The Intimate Revolution festival, a sex-positive, kink-loving festival. She also is the driving force behind The Sex-positive Community Europe project and sex-positive.com, a platform for information about sex-positivity in all of Europe.

Olivier is an event organizer, Sex-Positive activist & thinker. For the last 10 years he created different kinds of events ranging from debates and lectures to workshops and orgies that invite people along on an exploration of different aspects of Sex-Positivity in safer spaces.