Jelena Mitra

Ecstatic Dance, Ceremony, Peformance, Hula Hoop

Jelena Mitra will share with us a Deep, organic, melodic techno & house set with influences of sacred feminist and divine female power!
Jelena Mitra has lived her dream as an international Hula Hoop artist for 10 years.
She has performed all over the world, sharing the art of sacred geometry to inspire other hearts to follow their passion and go for our dreams.
On the backstage, she has been dedicated to the art of healing with shamanistic practises.
Latest years evolved into her transmitting of Ecstatic dance DJ set and medicine music.
She have dedicated her life to spirit and the cosmic mother. Here to harmonize this planet and awake humanity.
Through ecstatic events with music and movement, to healing retreats.
Sharing and awakening elements of pure joy, deep feminine force and reminding us of our own strength and medicine.