Jochem Meijer/Snakecharmer Collective


Since a long time the force of sound and music have intrigued Jochem, especially because it can bring people in a hypnotic trance, revealing the authentic self and relaxing the clutter and constrictions of the mind.
That the Didgeridoo choose the Dutchman of origine as favourite instument to master is not a surprise, both share the same relationship between simplicity and complexity.
Over the years Jochem has played on many stages over the world, his styles vary from booming techno to sensitive soundhealings.
Since the last 2 years he and Viktor Frih combined forces more and more intensive, resulting in Snakecharmer Collective, with the aim to bring semi-acoustic downtempo music to the people, they love to co-create with likeminded souls.
Besides musician Jochem is also known as chef at alternative events, a gifted astrologer with 20 years experience and has deep roots in Advaita Vedanta