Julija Green

Life Force Kundalini Activation, Life Force Kundalini Activation; Focus Sexual Energy

Julija Green is a passionate and experienced life coach, NLP practitioner, facilitator in Life Force Kundalini Activation, body worker (dearmoring), healer and tantrica. She is a creator of workshops, sacred ceremonies and women’s circles. Julija has a burning desire for polarity work and she uses her skills in coaching, tantra and energy work to rebalance the masculine and feminine energies in her clients.

In her workshops she embodies the powerful lioness, the divine feminine womb, in which everything is allowed, helping you meet and transform the shadows, release the blockages and remove the fears.

During the years of working through her own traumas she stumbled upon the magnificent healing power of energy, tantra, and dearmoring. She has since then been a passionate healer of others to help bring forth their gifts into this world.