Kareem Raïhani

Shaman of Dance

‘Shaman of Dance’ Kareem Raïhani has become a legend in the Conscious Dance Scene. Mixing body shaking rhythms with spiraling melodies, shamanic ceremonies with contagious grooves, mantras with beats, and heart opening sounds on top of a base line moving your waist line. Vocals, instrumentals, acoustic, electronic, ancient, urban… all is included.

Kareem is always reaching for that moment when the trance kicks in and the dancer becomes the dance… Setting the dance floor on fire, celebrating life through rhythm, sound, movement and expression.

Om Namo Bhagavate By Kareem Raïhani and David Lurey is probably the biggest mantra dance hit so far, streamed and downloaded in more then 50 countries. His label Shining Music Ibiza has quickly become that label “you have to look out for”. Kareem’s “conscious club night” SHiNE in Amsterdam, is Hollands hottest club night, for the alternative/conscious scene.

“Researching the devotional and healing aspects of music and dance without losing the fun. I don’t mix music, I mix emotions…”

 – Kareem Raïhani