Liisa Fatuma

Sensuality, Emotional Work, Sexual Freedom & Boundaries

Liisa’s field of work is a mosaic of many little stones. Sexuality & sensuality workshops, therapy settings, movie making, group singing, free expressive dancing. She is also a singer and dancer. Her work is based on her own experiences as well as trainings in Gestalt therapy, theater, 5rhythms dance, singing, voice training, Slow Sex approaches, intercultural peace education, the hero’s journey and similar seminars by Paul Rebillot, emotional work based on Vivian Dittmar, classes by Kabira and Elaine Young, some Kundalini and Tantra work, Emotional Release, and other things that life brought along.
She works around Cologne, Germany, living in a community house with 10 people.

Between head and feet of any given person there lie a thousand miles of unexplored wilderness. (Gabrielle Roth)