Linda Adesh

Spiritual Awakening, Shamanic Soul Retrieval, Mediumship

Linda Adesh is a highly experienced and dedicated spiritual teacher known for her deep understanding of various practices, therapy, and holistic healing modalities. With her empathetic approach & extensive knowledge, Adesh has helped countless individuals awaken their inner wisdom & transform their lives. As a visionary with a profound passion for exploring the awakening of humanity and the possibilities of a vast reality, Adesh has embarked on an immersive journey that honors her shamanic psychic abilities. She has a unique ability to guide individuals towards their higher soul and soul families, such as The Pleiades, Andromedas, and Acturians. Adesh has channeled workshops, courses, and retreats that offer profound insights and teachings on awakening to our true selves and unlocking our individual mastership. She is co-owner of Kärra Ashram, a hidden gem along the Varberg coastline.