Lovisa Fhinn

Musician, percussionist and singer

With inspiration from movement, rhythm, light and vibrations, Lovisa Fhinn likes to play with what is expected and assumed against what is unknown and unexplored. With influences like Evelyn Glennie, Ivan Trevino, Michael Burrit and Mika Takehara she mixes her classical percussion influences with more modern singing influences; Cyrille Amiee, Ásgeir, Norah Jones and NAO. Her lyrical identity varies between known and unknown characters and situations, often related to her own experience and emotions. “Some music speaks best for itself, while other songs are lyrically focused with the music as emotional and contextual amplifier. ” Born in the woods of Ångermanland and early sculpted by the Gulf of Bothnia, Lovisa Fhinn grew and bloomed as a woman and musician in the county of Värmland.