Art work, Emotional work, Yoni work

Mama-Lo is a Female Artist, Poet and a Sensual Body Wisdom Coach. She is whole-heartedly dedicated to helping women fall in love with themselves and reclaim their personal power and wisdom so that they can bloom like the most beautiful and deeply rooted flower.

Her fascination with the female body and its exquisite beauty and incredible intelligence has been infusing her work and programmes since 1999. When she is not guiding women finding their way into experiencing the wisdom in their bodies (specially their Yonis), creating yummy art or poetry, you can find her dancing, Yoni-walking or running barefoot in the forest or taking naked cold dips in lakes or oceans.

Mama-Lo´s approach is playful, life-affirming, deep and free. Her energy is grounded, her inspiration is nature and her experience of being a midwife and the mother of five is definitely there to shine through.