Marielle Kvaale

Expressive Arts Workshop in nature. Emotional Support team.
Trauma-informed Coach, BioDynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release practitioner, Expressive Arts Therapist, Easelen massage - and bodyworker, Social - and Mental Health worker. Marielles individual journey continues from were it started 37 years ago, with the inquiry: What is love? On this journey she has befriended what holds her back. And also the polarities, like acceptance, openness, vulnerability, spontaneity, courage, joy, giving and recieving. We move in infinite cycles between yin (receptive, creative) and yang (active, expanding). In Marielles workshop, you will be given art material and tools, to explore these two polarities in nature - as well as within yourself. As part of the Emotional Support team, Marielle will be there as a backup for participants that may need additional support, outside of what the charing groups and workshops offers.