Martina Hallin

Existential Circle

As an Existential Coach, Martina Hallin supports people in exploring their way of living and relating. Her belief in death being vital to a life well lived, has led to her training to become an End of Life-doula.

Martina is a well-known political activist and a member of the board of RFSU Stockholm. She is an advocate for the modernization of our view on relating to ourselves and others, aiming at a society supporting us in creating free, equal and consenting relationships. On regular basis she facilitates the ever-popular Existential Circle with focus on exploring relationships. She explains her engagement in saying:
– I want to carry on the torch of RFSU’s founder Elise Ottesen Jensen’s vision for a society where “men and women are equal and where sexuality is an expression of intimacy, joy and tenderness”, and because I stand by RFSU:s mission for a society where all are free to be.