Matt Schwenteck

Consent, Pleasure & Realting

Matt is a German-born citizen who has travelled and taught around the world since 2010. He’s been a facilitator in the fields of Sacred Sexuality & Tantra for over 20 years. His sessions & teachings are grounded in trauma research and neurophysiology.

Matt considers himself a student of life—inspired by everything that resonates with the key values of connection, transformation, and love. Matt has walked many paths, including Tao Yoga, Shamanism, and Energy Work.
In 2011, he found his calling within somatic practices & consent, and has continued to study & fine-tuning this work ever since.

Matt developed the Somatic Consent Engagement System in 2019. Since then he’s guided thousands of people through their evolutionary process, in settings ranging from online trainings, festivals, to workshops, to professional private sessions.