Mistress Abigail

BDSM Mistress Teaching Consent and Pain Exploration

Meet Mistress Abigail, an experienced BDSM Mistress, consent educator, and advocate for pain and pleasure exploration. She is known for her empowering workshops on playing with pleasure and pain. With her focus on creating safe, consensual environment and with her grounding Mistress Abigail´s intention is to make you feel safe to explore.

At Sexsibility Mistress Abigail will lead engaging workshop on exploring consent and pain. She combines practical wisdom, communication techniques, and embodied learning to empower attendees. Her workshops emphasize trust, communication, and boundaries, promoting healthy relationships within BDSM dynamics.

Mistress Abigail’s inclusive workshops welcome people of all genders, orientations, and relationship styles. Join her at the festival for a transformative spanking.