Paul Grover

Paul Grover, also known as Swami Prashantananda Saraswati of the Bihar School of Yoga, will conduct a traditional Vedic Mritryunjaya fire puja-offering combined with the Universal Mother, Tara, fire puja-offering and mantra recitation for harmonizing Spiritual spheres of consciousness with Earthly spheres. Secondly, he will also be offering a short and integrating yoga practice known as Pawanmuktasana which is suitable for people of any age and capacity. This is a systematic practice lasting 15-20 minutes and its purpose is to exercise and stretch all the joints of the body, increasing flexibility and flow of energy. Thirdly, he will be available to share aspects of his spiritual life and to do questions and answers. The whole thing should last 90 minutes each time, and Paul is available to do this 3-5 times during the week – however it suits your sense of what is needed.

We are ceremonially connecting with an ancient tradition and powerful lineage transmission.