Pernilla Tykosson

Healing with the Gongs (together with Martin, Yoga (with Zoran), Schooling-Adventure in Spain, La Herradura (World-schooling hub)
Pernilla first meeting with the unique Gong vibrations become a deep spirituell experience. A feeling of peace, calmness, relaxation and clear guidance. In that moment she decided to learn how to play and integrate the gongs in her therapeutic and medial skills. It was also the start of a transformational process that came to change her entire life and way of living it. Pernilla has a background as a nurse, therapist in psychiatry and also do channeling and psychic readings. She is also a mother of 5 and passionate about education, learningsystem and learning from life. Besides that she is a kundaliniyogateacher, pregnancy-yogateacher also masterings the gongs (or rather say, the gongs master her).