Petra Kaya

Embodied Wisdom: tantric dance, tantric massage, tantric play
Petra Kaya works with Embodied Wisdom since 25 years, giving sessions and facilitating workshops. She has developed her own unique style of tantric massage, combining shamanism and tantra. She has a natural, animistic approach to life and dances her unique massage using body-to-body techniques with a high degree of integrity and intimacy. Passionate about life energy and weaving the web of life. She works with shamanistic ceremonies using her drum, body and voice to connect to the spirit world, holding space for deep process work. She is a co-founder of Solbacka intentional community in Fagervik, southern Finland where she lives and learns about community building. She is a co-creator of The Dragon Temple and Sacred Earth Festival and in the process of creating School of Embodied Wisdom. As a space holder she is very joyful and create a playful atmosphere.