Sofia Cerne


Sofia is a senior in the kink industry and been teaching and given professional sessions since 2012. Her mission is to make the tantric industry more open and honest.

The whole concept of Tantrickink is that it is a healthy and safe and agreed-upon practice there is nothing in it to feel och be ashamed of. She has a severe knowledge in teaching and hold space for learning and started to give lectures and teach when she was 15 years old. As the entrepreneur she is, she started the company that runs Tantrickink 2015 where she also published the book Tantrickink – Kittla din fantasi med lekfulla möten.

In Xtas she fokus on the tantric part of her work, and give tantricmassage and coaching sessions. She runs the tantric massagetraining Body Mind & Soul since 2020. She is also the foreman of the non profit organisation for tantric professionals in Sweden – Sveriges Tantrabehandlare.

"Lets play more with our hearts and bodies."