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We are finding ourselves in a very serious position where we may not survive without your help. Any financial donation you can make will help us enormously.

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We have the unique opportunity to step into a deeper state of presence

Beloved friends,

Ängsbacka is a heartfelt presence in the world. A home away from home, and a reflection of our sense of being “at home” in ourselves. We are part of a globally spreading community of openness, precious to so many, holding space for all that we are. Right now, as all of you who receive this message can undoubtedly understand, Ängsbacka is currently finding herself in the middle of a world-wide situation where one of the main factors is uncertainty. What to do? Rest in the space of not knowing – and act from there with integrity.

Our strongest intention is to allow Ängsbacka to remain a source of inspiration, through these uncertain and transformative times. Our collective openness to being in connection, collaboration, support, and solidarity will have an impact on our sense of togetherness, and ultimately our capacity to be there for each other.

We want to support all of you to stay open for the possibilities available to us now. We have the unique opportunity to step into a deeper state of presence, to practice solidarity with all beings and our planet, and to allow a collective ‘yes to life’ to guide us through the unknown.

We recognise that we can influence and support the current state of the world by limiting our onsite events to a maximum of 30 participants. This decision is valid until further notice.

Our deepest intention is to maintain the beautiful current of inspiration and support that is Ängsbacka, and we are preparing for the upcoming Summer Festivals. For our smaller events this Spring we have taken additional measurements that can be found at the event-pages.

In the near future we will offer brand new possibilities to interact with and support Ängsbacka. Please stay tuned for announcements on our upcoming opportunities for connection and togetherness.

Much love,

“We hold a prayer for the Earth, for the ones yet to come – May you walk in beauty and remember your song.” – Peia (from the song ‘Blessed we are’)’


We have festivals throughout the year that inspire people in their personal and spiritual development. A festival is the ultimate chance to try out different workshops and techniques and get inspired by the diversity of offerings.

Volunteering Experience

The volunteer program at Ängsbacka is meant to be a source of inspiration for a more sustainable way of living socially, bringing us deeper into our own heart, where authenticity and natural joy reside. During your stay at Ängsbacka, you are invited to hold presence and authentic relating as central pillars in your daily life. We share several practices to support you with this; two of which are ‘sharing circles’ and the concept of ‘working meditation’.

Throughout the year we offer different volunteering opportunities that might interest you.

Course season volunteer

January 3 – May 31 & August 21 – December 27, 2020

Summer festival volunteer

June 8 – August 31, 2020

Winter & Spring festival volunteer

April 7 – April 14, 2020

European Solidarity Corps